SEO Moves to Boost Your Traffic Arbitrage Activity Results

If you want to increase outcome of your traffic arbitrage activity, below you can read about SEO tips, which will help you accomplish this task.

Examine and Improve a Website (Landing Page)

Technical malfunctions of your website can adversely affect its effectiveness in search engines.

First of all, you should examine your website, to define malfunctions and fix them. Pure structure of a website, free from technical malfunctions is 30% of success in SEO.

According to world SEO community, the following malfunctions have the greatest influence on SEO:

  • duplicate content
  • shortage of alt text
  • duplicate heading tags
  • broken internal links
  • duplicate meta descriptions
  • low text/HTML ratio coefficient
  • shortage of meta description
  • broken external links
  • several H1 tags
  • shortage of H1 tags

Fortunately, the Internet is full of special tools, which provide deep analysis of the website.

There is a set of free and paid options distinguished among themselves by quality, data provided, scanning depth, time and export functionality.

Enrich website with less competitive, but organic keywords

When you focus on the head query, do not forget to filter those by readability. Get rid or minimize quantity of those that are not readable.

If you find a correct readable keyword with a long tail, it can bring you more traffic in the long-term perspective.

For example: let’s imagine that your affiliate website is devoted to marketing online tool subject.

The required keyword ” marketing online tools” is highly competitive, but, perhaps, you still want to receive a piece of this traffic.

Thus, you should use keywords like “research tools for online marketing” or “free tools for marketing for small business”.

As a result, keyword difficulty is much less in comparison with the original, so your chances to get to the top with such words become much higher.

Optimize your content using SEO method

Today it is not so easy to write good content. Sometimes it is not enough to write funny, catchy and useful content. If it is not optimized correctly, there are low chances for it to be highly rated by search engines.

Let’s imagine that you have a topic for new article about online marketing tools.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Create attractive structure, including headings, marked subheadings and numbered lists
  • Add main keywords to the title tags and h1 (heading) and low frequency keywords in the text
  • Give specific answer on a question asked, which is better to do in the first paragraph
  • Add reasonable names and tags for illustrations in your article
  • Write short, but substantial meta description, having added the main and minor keywords
  • Create intelligent URL for the article: readable and not too long

Now, it will be easier for web crawlers to index and range your article. And if you want to achieve the best results, check readability of your article, using a Flesch-Kincaid test.

What does it mean?

We prefer content, which is convenient for reading by both users, and crawlers of search engines.

Pay attention to length of your article.

The recent SEO researches have shown that long articles (about 2000) have more chances to get at the top of SERP results.

Any content, which you create, has to be readable to audience, answer their questions and solve their problems.


Use Links

Links play large role, as they belong to group of the most important factors of ranging. They will help you increase credibility of a website and receive the best rating in search results.

Therefore, it is necessary to work with different types of links.

Internal links

If you already have content, which is ranged well, you should place a little “learn more” references to your new article. Place references in this new article to link to the corresponding content: landing pages, relevant articles, etc.

External references

Try to place several external references from your article to authoritative sources, such as Wikipedia, Google, etc.

Receive as much backlinks to your article as possible: use tools like MOZ, SEMrush, Majestic or Ahrefs to define donor websites that will link to your website.

Remember: it is better to receive 10 backlinks from 10 sources, than 100 backlinks from one source.

Search engines consider website more authoritative if it has many backlinks from other websites. The quality of such backlinks is also very important: all of them have to come from entrusted sources and have to be relevant to your content.

The more qualitative backlinks you receive, the higher will be.your position in SERP.