Online Marketing Trends in 2018

Each year there are new trends for online marketing and in this article, you can get fresh information about the trends that are going to define the development of industry in 2018.

Mobile-first indexing

At the end of October, the representative of Google, Gary Ilsh, has confirmed that the company has launched mobile-first index. That means that it is even more important now to make your websites and services as mobile device friendly as possible.

Mobile-first indexing

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Yes, Google announced AMP in 2015, and it is possible to think that this story is not relevant any more. But the company continues to pay a lot of attention to the subject. For example, recently Google has published the website with templates for AMP creation.

Voice Search and Voice Assistants

According to The Search Agency, 20% of all search requests are made by voice search. At the same time by 2020, the share can reach 50%. Therefore, SEO specialists obviously should consider this trend.

For example, they should pay more attention to long-tail requests. Those have to be natural and easily spoken, as users will hardly formulate difficult phrases, when using the voice assistant.

Featured Snippets by Google

According to Stone Temple Consulting, Google provides featured snippets in 30% of cases. And if you want your page to appear among the snippets you should consider optimization of the content on the page.

Most often featured snippets are used for queries that contain words “who”, “which”, “when”, “where” and so forth. Featured snippets are also frequently displayed as the marked and enumerated lists and tables. Consider that, when you make a page content plan.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Implementation of Google RankBrain means that in the future search results will depend on machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence. They WAI will be used to help search engines to make search results more personalized and provide more relevant information.

Machine Learning


Obviously, in 2018 development of the link profile for your website will remain to be the most important work for the SEO specialist. And as it goes forward, the weight of the link will depend more on the relevance of resource, not on its popularity. This is proved by the forecasts of Tereza Litsa, the columnist of Search Engine Watch, who claims that in 2018 it is worth paying attention not only to popularity and authoritativeness of a resource, but also to its relevance. Therefore, guest blogging will be as popular as it was in 2017.

However, that does not mean you need to ignore quality of your content, as in May 2017 Google has mentioned that they will increase their efforts in defining doubtful and low quality content that is posted around the external links.

User Experience

Every year search engines pay more and more attention to how users interact with the websites. 2018 will hardly become an exception.

So, you still need to use Google Analytics to deal with website load speed, design, user behavior indicators and content quality.

User Experience

Transition to HTTPS

Yes, Google says about this since 2014. But yet not all experts have transferred the websites to HTTPS, and Google continues to insist, for example, marking in the Chrome browser resources on HTTP as unsafe. Therefore, this trend still takes place in 2018.

Video Content

According to forecasts of Cisco, by 2021 82% of Internet traffic will fall on video. Therefore, if video is still not included into your marketing strategy, it is worth considering that in 2018. Especially as YouTube began to play such large role in life of people that quite often they begin looking for information in YouTube first and then in Google. Thus, Google has added videos to the search results. Other option of using video content simple build in clips on the website and improve behavioral factors thanks to users, who will spend more and more time on a resource, watching video content.

Video Content

To sum up

So, what does that mean for you as an affiliate marketer? There are some conclusions you can make:

  • no matter what you do, it has to be mobile friendly;
  • optimization is still a must;
  • search results are becoming more relevant due to machine learning, so, maybe now it is time to abandon grey hat SEO techniques and choose white ones, at last;
  • do not ignore video content;
  • choose link donors precisely.

Actually, all the changes that are being made and trends that are being created are signalizing that we are moving to the Internet marketing that demands from marketers more consideration about improving user experience.