Instagram Ad Tools, how to Use them in the Most Efficient Way

Instagram is a visual content-driven social network that has become an ideal place to attract traffic. However, there are different approaches to advertising on Instagram. In this article, there is a brief overview and recommendations on all existing tools that can be used on Instagram.

However, if you want to find out more about ad formats existing on Instagram, and how to design them to achieve maximum efficiency, read our complete guide on launching ads on Instagram.

Shopping Tags

Shopping Tag is a useful tool if you are going to sell on Instagram, as it allows you to tag a product in its images on your account feed. Having pressed on such image, the user will see the product name and its price. If the offer seems attractive to the user, he can go directly to the page with the description of the product and get redirected to online store/service where the purchase can be made.

Place the shopping tag on the image of the product in the post with several photos/videos. The photo with shopping tag should be placed at the end or in the middle of the list, so that user can get inspired or convinced by the photos/videos that go first to make a purchase.


2-second looped video works as the CTR magnet. It has to be catchy and can be posted to remind the user about your brand. Outstanding tool for brand recognition.


This format offers good opportunities for advertising. It is designed for content that is not worth being placed to your account, but worth sharing with followers. In the section with own stories user can find out how many people have seen each publication and who exactly it was.

By default, all users are subscribed to stories generated by users they follow. So it is a good tool to inform users about the special offer with limited period of action. The advantage of this format is in the fact that the notification about the story you have is not placed in a feed, but in the top section, which is always visible for user.

This format is ideal for informing followers about discounts, special offers or events. However, one should be careful with stories published, as user can get unsubscribed to the stories from your account if those will seem spammy.

You also can launch stories with public voting and use this tool to collect feedback from the followers. If you manage to run an account with at least 10 thousand active followers, you can also place an active link when you publish the story.

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Live Broadcasts

Subscribers can see live broadcast in Stories section and get a notification on the broadcast that is running at the moment.

Broadcastings can only be launched in the portrait mode; it should be used to tell audience about a product or to show an event, taking place in your company.


You can use classic format to launch advertising campaigns – a photo + video. It is a standard approach, which works if content meets the design requirements. And you can also use new formats and tools Instagram offers to increase the traffic retain rate.

Stories format is perfect to increase audience loyalty. It is suitable for informing about the latest news, special and limited offers.

Live broadcasts can be used to show the “human” face of your company or to perform an online event.

Shopping tags is good when you need to increase the sales rate, and boomerang is the best source of CTR.

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