Do you want to get best results for your band? If you are new to this platform then you need to understand that what is story and how to use stories like a pro. Like Snapchat and Facebook messenger, these are an important part of this site too.

What is Instagram Story?

Almost 30 million people use the amazing tool. This feature is used to upload photos or videos to the special feature in your profile and this content will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

As per the recent stats, the stories are the best way to get higher conversions and almost one of five stories get a direct message from the audience.

Instagram Stories-Stories

How to Videos

If you are looking for better engagement of content, tutorials on how to videos can be a good start. Break down the complete guide in a few stories and step by step guide can get the attention of users. Many famous brands like Samsung and Apple are using the same techniques for their techniques.

User-Generated Content

Your users want to get value so if you can make them happy; you are going to get free verbal marketing for your brand. Try to share posts that are created by your fans. If some users share your product reviews, publish those reviews in your stories with the user’s name and it will motivate other users to share your content.

Behind the Scene Videos

Your followers want to know the reality of your products and services. Your catalog is always going to feature the final perfect product but you can use this to show them the manufacturing process of your products.

Using Templates

You cannot let your audience get bored while you are busy with your production stuff. Instagram tools are best way to entertain your audience and you can post some useful information related to your products and services. You can also share fun facts about your specific niche and people would love to hear about some amazing stuff anytime.

Make sure that you use best pictures and videos for your stories. There are many templates available that are specifically designed for this. You can use these templates for your profile and don’t forget to edit your pictures before posting to the section.

Instagram Highlights

Highlights are like the more précised option that you use on your profile. These are going to be the focus of your followers so make sure that you use the best pictures and content. These should deliver a clear idea that what are you services and the ideology of your brand.

Instagram Stories-Stories and Chats

To unleash the real potential of this feature, you need to understand how these Instagram work. People are going to see your content only once so make sure that you share the best content in your stories.

If you have a creative thinking then there are many other options for you in these social platforms.