Push Notifications is one of the biggest, effective and cheat online marketing tool which is known to be more effective than the native online advertising methods. since it was first introduced by Apple to its mobile operating software iOS 3 it has taken the internet by storms which other internet giants like Google and Microsoft have also adopted in their programs.

Push notification is a form of a pop-up that automatically shows when an action is triggered on users devices which could be a Mobile phone, Laptop, or tablets. However, users would have to opt-in first for them to receive these notifications.

Over the years these innovation has become one of the bedrocks of internet marketing which allows application developers and website owners to push content directly to users devices provided they have subscribed to the services by accepting the push notification service.

Push notification ads, on the other hand, is a creative way in which advertisers can reach their potential or targeted audiences because it offers a higher reach, provides engagement and conversion rate.

Push Notification-Phone Notification

A push notifications service offers messages or notifications which could either be a product, services or an action which the user must take to enjoy the offer.

These notifications can often be triggered either when you open the application or directly via the push notifications server even when the application or the page is not running. This gives you the ability to send several targetted content to the end user devices based on their interest. This has opened new possibilities for advertisers to reach a wide range of audiences on the go.

On mobile push notification works like a mobile alert while on laptops it takes a different approach in form of a popup. It can boost engagement significantly because it does not only sends messages it serves as a reminder prompting you to always visit the site or app as the case may be.

How does Push Notification work?

For you to activate push notification, your website must be secured with a valid SSL Certificate

Then must have subscribed to a push notification provider each time a new user visits your website, the push notification will prompt them to allow notifications. That is a user gets a message asking them to opt in once they do, the site automatically pushes content to them


Types of Push Notification

There are two major forms of push notification, which comes via the app and the browser

The App: This allows you to send messages or advertisement to users that have downloaded the application

The Browser: This allows you to show notifications to users that visit your site

Push Notification-Scheme

Who can use a Push Notification Service

It doesn’t matter whether you are an advertiser or a publisher this service can help you grow your customer base and sales significantly. Whether you are an advertiser and or a publisher,  it lets you to easily monetise your content by sending tailored messages, notifications and posts to your audiences.


Advantages of Using Push Notification Services

  1. Easy Set Up: They are simple and easy to set up
  2. It is vet efficient: It is one of the most efficient services, which means you can be sure of 100% delivery across all platforms
  3. Reach more visitors: It provides real and genuine human traffic and bot free traffic
  4. Provides high quality targeted Traffic
  5. High Conversion Rate: Because you have access to push messages to people on the go, it has a high conversion rate compared to native online advertising
  6. It can be on either mobile or web
  7. Provides insight on leads and reach: You can also track actions taken with your ads which gives you a detailed insight


What Can I use push Notification Services for

It can be used for an array of services which includes sending messages to readers, offers, promotions. Sales, app download, subscription etc

How to Subscribe for a Push Notification Ads

Just like every other marketing services, you need to register with a push notification service provider to be able to use this service either as a publisher or an advertiser.

Push Notification-Three Phones

Where you can Use Push Notification Services

It can be used for different purposes, here are some Instances in which they are useful:

  1. E-commerce store: It is one of the best things that happen to the e-commerce industry, as it lets you send messages and reminder for abandoned carts, send offers, promotions etc
  2. Dating Sites: This allows updates and notifications when they have a new match
  3. Job Search portals: Users can subscribe to get notifications of new job postings.
  4. App install: You can use this great tool to encourage app installs
  5. Game Downloads or registrations: For game developers, these tools will help you increase downloads or registration with a click
  6. Online casinos/ betting stores: Casinos or online betting sites can often use this to reach out and push promotions to their target audiences
  7. Health-related services:
  8. Deals and coupon promotions
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Blogs and web portals


This innovation has become a game changer in mobile and online advertising, web and mobile application, internet marketing and communication with customers. Helping you reach your readers and end users in a timely manner. Push notification is here to stay and is the future of web and mobile advertising.