SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is an art and a science. The idea is to target a certain audience in the web traffic (which is huge) and bring them to your website.

The web has a lot of traffic, and nearly 60% of it starts with Google. When done correctly, SEO can get you to the top of the page, which is were about 20% of the people looking click first. If you get paid by the click, then that is exactly what you want.

However, in 2019, a lot of people have been wondering if SEO is worth the investment. Considering Google keeps on changing its search algorithm and that ads have faster results. Basically, SEO delivers slower traffic than a paid one. However, the advantage of SEO is that you are getting “better” traffic. First, because we all hate ads. If you handle your keywords correctly, you will end up having higher conversions than if you paid for traffic.

Now, let’s talk about how SEO works in 2019, what are the SEO trends 2019 has brought to us? How is this going to evolve? How can we know what to expect from SEO?

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An investment

If you want good SEO, you probably have to hire someone who knows how traffic and search engines work and that will give you actual results. It isn’t really a cost but an investment, just like paid ads. When developing a website correctly, its popularity can last as long as your website lasts. The good thing about SEO is that you are getting long-term clicks. Even if your website loses popularity eventually, you’ll still get more clicks than when you decide to stop paying for advertisement.

If you are going to go with an agency, it might vary according to what is the reach you want to give. For single location SEO, you can expect to pay something around $500. If you are going big, and want multi-locational, national, or even international SEO, then that price can go all the way up to $6,000. Which one do you want depends on where your marketing is put and what goals you are trying to reach.

Know what you are doing – The latest trends

When it comes to optimizing search engine traffic you need to know how it constantly updates and what is working for other people. You also need to know what works despite the updates Google might be doing. The latest SEO trends vary in efficiency depending on who you ask, however, the ones most people have seen work that is key for SEO are as follows.

Understand Your Audience & User Intent- What does your audience prefer? What are they expecting to find? Do they want long answers or to the point answers?

Go Beyond Google Search- Again, know what your target audience is looking for. If potentials are looking for apps, then you have to appear in the App store.

Structured Data Markup Is Key- If Google decides to move around their algorithm, is structure what will give you fast processing of contents.

Unique in-depth content- Google has been updating its algorithm so that the sites that offer better content get rewarded. You still need your keywords though.

Know your E-A-T – This will help you understand where Google is going short-term and how you can adapt SEO to that.

Give your technical SEO a boost – You need to focus on speed, Google is looking to reward simple fast sites. Look for JS, major engines do better with it. Finally, PWAs. In 2019 PWAs are catching up with us, you need to make sure your Website can make it as one.

On-page optimization- Good content, answers common questions and easily able to navigate.

Machine learning – your data has to be based on specific variables.

Google SERP – Visibility in the SERPs is almost as important as clicks. Remember that.

Apart from that, there is a trend that will make a difference specifically in 2019:

Mobile-first- While this has to do with the structure part, in 2019 mobile friendliness is super important for ranking

Seo Worth-Seo

Brand – It is becoming a ranking signal. Through unlinked mentions of your brand, Google recognizes it as an “entity”. So according to it, you are recognized more as an authority. And to Google, reputation matters for rankings.

GDPR –  Know what is collecting data in your site, update your privacy policies to meet the needs, check your cookie consent form, and if you use tag manager, activate IP anonymization.

Amazon Search- Amazon is a giant, you want to grow, you need to do it with it. In 2019, 56% of consumers visit Amazon first if they have shopping in mind. So, if you are an e-commerce, include optimization for Amazon in your strategy.

Where is it going – The future of SEO

Voice Search – Voice search is becoming big and you need to be ready for it. Including smart home technologies like Alexa, you’ll need to adapt your SEO to immediate needs that come from these searches.

Log file analysis is also something many consider will be huge in the future. This is because you can see exactly what engines are looking for.

Quality. Search engines are updating to give preference to quality content. Remember to focus on the user experience.

Some even argue that Al-first is what is coming. This is kind of the worst one because most SEO experts are not prepared for it. However, structure talked above definitely helps. Marketing factors will be also important, not only keywords and links.

So, we think yes. If done correctly SEO is very valuable in 2019. You do need to consider a lot of variables, but in the end, it yields.