Landing pages are a very common practice in the current state of our beloved Internet, and there are quite a few excellent reasons for this to be the case. This aims to be a go-to resource for all of your landing page tips 2020.

What is a Landing Page?

            Just in case you need to get up to speed with the terminology, a Landing Page is simply a one-page website designed around a single purpose: to be there when someone clicks on an ad, and make sure they follow through with a purchase.

Landing Page Optimization

If you are old enough you can probably still remember a time when finding the information or product you were looking for on a particular website was not as straightforward as it is now. Content design and layout on webpages have come a very long way from the old days, but there are still a few gems to be found if you feel like horrifying yourself a bit.

Let’s not go crazy though, if you are here it is probably because you already know about how awesome a good landing page can be, and you are looking to improve upon it, so let’s dive right into it with a few landing page optimization tips.

Make it Simple:

            We are not going for elaborated or highly artistic content here. We have our main purpose, and everything on this page should be there only because it absolutely has to, this means that a minimalistic approach to design is very much recommended here. You should avoid confusion and help the reader find what they are looking for as fast and simply as possible.

            All of this could translate into:

1.         Remove unnecessary text: Sometimes economy of words is best, you should try to convey your message as briefly and effectively as possible.

2.         Remove unneeded images: Thesame concept applies here. Adding images may seem like a good idea at times, and it may very well be a good idea, but you should err on the side of caution regarding the amount of imagery you add to your Landing Page. They take away valuable space for other things that may be more important.

Keep the crucial content “above the fold”:

            Above the fold is a term that we have inherited from paper media, specifically Newspapers. It literally means to keep the most eye-catching content above the line where the paper folds so that the Newspaper continues to attract eyes while it is sitting on a shelf.

            Nowadays keeping things above the fold in digital content refers to having it on the main screen that a reader sees when they land on your page for the first time, before having to scroll down to find out what is below, beyond their initial contact with your Landing Page. Special consideration is required here regarding a particular issue:

There are all sorts of screen sizes today:

Any decent web designer or automated website generator will know to account for the fact that there are several different screen sizes being used today, not just in terms of size and resolution of a monitor compared against a phone screen, but also the difference between the different form factors of different phone brands, and also landscape orientation. This shouldn’t give you much trouble, but it would not hurt to double-check that all of these concerns are addressed before having the website live.


            It is always reassuring to see comments from other happy customers when trying to make a purchase decision, this is nothing new but should definitively not be overlooked, since the impact it will have on the effectiveness of your Landing Page cannot be overstated. They should keep in line with the rest of the tips provided here before and go straight to the point. It also helps a lot if the testimonials are actually verifiable and accurate.


            CTA is short for Call to Action, you are probably familiar with the term at this point, but it always helps to have a reminder of the important things now and again. This is most certainly one of the most important things in your Landing Page. A Call to Action is designed to promote a sale, and all the calls to action present on your Landing Page should be razor-sharp.  They are one of your main tools to achieve conversions and they should be treated as such.

            You can find a lot of excellent online resources to help you design and implement effective Calls to Action that get you the results you are looking for.

Landing Page Optimization

Minimal Design doesn’t mean Ugly:

            We have made a lot of emphasis on making sure that your Landing Page is as lean as possible up until now, but that should not come at the cost of having an ugly looking site. You may end up being the designer of your own Landing Pages, but many that find themselves in that situation do not necessarily have an eye for design or training that is specific to that field.

            If you are one of those people that are lacking in the design part of the business you should seek to remedy that as soon as you can. Either get professional help or some training, it doesn’t take much to make a huge difference and this is certainly a priority.

Hopefully, these landing page optimization best practices will be of use to you. Thanks for reading.