How to Start Launching Ads on Instagram – Complete Guide

It may seem easy to start ad campaign on Instagram, however, there are many details you need to consider when it comes to design and content of your ads, so it would be a good idea to get some information about the best practices used in launching ads.

Preparation Stage

Before running an advertising campaign, it is necessary to determine the purposes of it and the result you want to achieve. Your purposes should be simple and clear. Here are examples of the possible purposes:

  • sales increasing;
  • traffic increasing on your website;
  • brand recognition increasing;
  • leads receiving for your company;
  • conversion rate increasing on the website;
  • promotion of your product(s);
  • increasing of customer engagement;
  • stimulation of interest in your offer;
  • increasing in number of Facebook subscribers;
  • increasing in number of likes and sharings;
  • increasing in number of installations of the application;
  • publication increasing;
  • increasing in number of video views.

After you have decided which goal you want to achieve, you need to make sure you have got everything prepared to start the campaign.

The success of promotion of the business account on Instagram completely depends on you, so before running advertising campaign on Instagram, you have to be sure of the following things:

  • You should know how the platform works.
  • You need to have a fresh idea and also understanding of what you can achieve with advertising. Existence of the striking idea is the best occasion to start ad campaign on Instagram.
  • Before running advertising campaign, it is necessary to make sure website is ready to accept the leads (design, usability, etc.)
  • Make sure you have sufficiently estimated your chances and have all tools necessary for ads creation.

Here is the list of necessary tools:

  • You need media content on goods or service;
  • Your need media content for the brand you are going to promote;
  • You need the account on Facebook as creation of ad on Instagram is made through Facebook (for those who are not aware – in 2012 Facebook has bought the platform for $1 billion);
  • You need the business account on Instagram.

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Choose Format of an Ad

Advertising on Instagram can be carried out in three formats:

  • Photo;
  • Video;
  • Multiple photo/video in a single post.


Naturally looking photos will fit the best for advertising purposes. As well as the majority of photos on Instagram, they have to be of high quality.

Try to make your advertisement look natural; it should look like you are trying to share something valuable, not like you are trying to sell something. Therefore, not all the photos should contain the product images – you need to make sure the photos do not irritate users.

Recommendations on design.

  • Width and length ratio of photo: 1:1.
  • Size: 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Your image has to include no more than 20% of the text.
  • Heading: text only, no more than 125 characters

Instagram requirements.

  • Width and length ratio of photo: from 1,9:1 to 1:1.
  • Size: 600 x 315 pixels (1,9:1, landscape format), 600 x 600 pixels (square format).
  • Inscription: text only, at most 2200 signs.


You can use this format to show any training video, testing of goods or services, production process, etc.

Video content has to be clear and catchy for the viewer even if the sound is switched-off, otherwise users will quickly lose interest or even will not turn on the sound and continue watching video.

Recommendations on design

  • Width and length ratio of video: 1:1.
  • File format: .mp4.
  • Video: H.264 format, square pixels, the fixed frequency, progressive imposition.
  • Audio: Stereo AAC format, preferably 128 kbps.
  • Signature: text only, 125 characters.

Instagram Requirements.

  • Signature length: text only, at most 2200 characters.
  • Width and length ratio of the video: from 1.9:1 to 1:1.
  • Minimum permission: 600 x 315 pixels (1:1,9 landscape format), 600 x 600 pixels (square format).
  • Minimum length: 2,5 sec.
  • Maximum length: 60 sec.
  • File format: .mp4.
  • The supported video codecs: H.264, VP8.
  • The supported audio codecs: AAC, Vorbis.
  • Maximum size: 1,75 G.
  • Frequency: at most 30 frames/sec.
  • Data transmission speed – unlimited if you use two-pass coding and your file doesn’t exceed 1 GB. Otherwise – 8 Mbps for 1080p and 4 Mbps for 720p.
  • Width and length rate for miniature: has to correspond to a ratio implemented for your video.
  • The miniature should not contain more than 20% of the text.

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Multiple photo/video in a single post

This format represents a single post with multiple photos/videos (usually 4 at least) performed as slides following one another. This type of advertising is an excellent opportunity to show several qualitative photos, therefore it will be perfectly suitable for advertising goods.

Design of images and videos in such format should correspond to the once developed for the single photo or video per post format.


Edited 20% of the text should not include:

  • images of goods on which the text is placed (for example, book covers, album covers, movie posters);
  • the built-in text in game or application images;
  • pictures with the text.

Edited 20% of the text includes:

  • Logos and slogans;
  • Images with text imposed on (for example, water signs);
  • The text imposed on the image with goods.

Before launching the campaign let’s designate all main moments which need to be considered:

  • Set the ad objectives precisely;
  • Develop the idea for the ad campaign;
  • Make sure you have everything prepared;
  • Choose an ad format;
  • Create a qualitative design of the ad.