Mobile Billing: The Most Popular Offers’ Flow Is On The Rise 

Why is it so popular? 

The reason why mobile billing is so popular is easy to understand. On the one hand, the number of customers who prefer brows sites using mobile devices is growing rapidly. Already, their number is much higher than the number of those who use laptops or computers. On the other hand, the conversion of mobile traffic is almost twice as high as the conversion of traffic coming from other sources.

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Why is mobile billing more efficient?

Many factors should be taken into account. The format of mobile devices simplifies the promotion of goods and services on the Internet. Advertisements are almost not blocked, in addition, in a mobile format, they are much easier for consumers to perceive. However, for this, the advertising texts should be as short as possible, the images should be smaller, but expressive at the same time. One more very important detail should be taken into account: in the advertisement there should be action button which simplifies the process of decision-making. Users need clarity, brevity and simplicity.

Remember that users of mobile devices are more prone to impulsive actions. They use smartphones or tablets non-systemically, on the go. Therefore, mobile advertising is not so effective for offers with expensive goods – after all, the purchase of such goods requires a certain time in order to make a decision.

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Types of mobile billing 

You can identify such ways of mobile billing – Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, SMS Billing Flow, Mobile Originated (MO), Mobile Terminated (MT), Credit Card Billing, Conclusion…

As for mobile billing, there are several types, which have their own peculiarities. Some mobile operators allow to automatically recognize the mobile phone number. In this case, if the user agrees to purchase an offered product or service, money will be immediately debited from the user’s account. This billing is called direct, it is available exclusively in 3G internet.

In the simplest scheme, the user must accept the offer once. Sometimes, in order to exclude random selection, billing requires double confirmation. This somewhat complicates the procedure, which can negatively affect the conversion of traffic.

Another way of billing is via SMS. The user must send his phone number or enter it in the form on the website. In the second case, the code will come to your phone, which you will need to enter on the web page with the offer to confirm your choice.

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Often, a subscription is possible only if the user sends a message. Some advertisers simplify the task by automatically opening a message box with an already filled in phone number and code. Because this approach simplifies the procedure, the conversion increases.

The effectiveness of billing directly depends on the scheme, which is used by the advertiser. Wi-Fi traffic is cheaper, but the conversion is worse. To make a purchase or order, you need to provide a phone number, credit card and other information.

3G traffic is more expensive, but more efficient. Money is immediately debited from the subscriber’s mobile account, after his consent to purchase or order service. Therefore, the conversion of 3G traffic is much better.


Types of advertising

Formats of advertising also affect the effectiveness of mobile advertising. The most efficient way is not quite honest – when a user goes to the advertiser’s site without his consent to that.

In another case, advertising can appear in a new tab or window when the visitor clicks for the first time on the site. A standard banner covering part of the screen, can also be used. It can be easily removed with a single click. Such advertising has a low CTR, it does not contain much information. But, on the other hand, all clicks on the banner are targeted.

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If the banner covers the entire screen, this usually irritates users and does not bring the desired result to the advertiser. Also there are text ads in the networks of contextual advertising, teasers, galleries and other formats of advertising.

Choose a billing scheme and methods of advertising, based on the specifics of the product or service you offer, the characteristics of the target audience and the tasks assigned. One way or another, one thing is certain: mobile billing is one of the most promising areas in modern marketing.