What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the many gifts of the 21st century to man. It is a social network for professionals. It is the best social media to be on if you are job hunting or trying to build up connections for a career.

It is a platform for every kind of person without discrimination. Whether you are a managing director of a big company or a small business owner, who runs a local shop, a college student looking for undergraduate jobs, LinkedIn is for everybody who is interested in having a better professional life.

In this century, you do not need to buy every newspaper, cut up job vacancy ads and litter your house with pieces of paper. LinkedIn has solved that problem. It is like Facebook in terms of its layout and features. Its features are however more specific, depending on the kind of profession you are trying to build.


LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that can be operated through websites and mobile apps. It was established on December 28, 2002 and launched on May5th, 2003. It has gained massive reception since then as it has become very popular in countries across the globe.

How to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not Facebook so its methods are not the same as Facebook’s. Here are some tips on how to use LinkedIn:

  1. Create a Profile

Link every other social media platform, you need to also sign up and be a registered member on LinkedIn before you can use it. Create a good and completed profile.

  1. Establish Connection

Start talking with people that are relevant to your field. Establish connections that would be beneficial to you.

  1. Give recommendations, endorsements and vice versa

Share connections and endorsements with others on the site. This will also help you expand your own territory.

  1. Use LinkedIn groups

Join groups, engage in discussions that would help you establish more connections.

  1. Find new opportunities

You cannot create a profile and stop there. You need to look for job opportunities or business opportunities. Be consistent in your search and you will find something.

  1. Boost your Profile

You can boost your profile with regular updates and improving it according to the trend.


Importance of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has various positive importance that benefit professionals and businessmen. Some of its importance is:

  1. Online Outreach

It has a powerful coding system where if you post an article, and the article has been interacted by a connection, the connections of the interaction will also see your post. You can reach a wide range of audience via LinkedIn.

  1. Connection

Connection is quint-essential for humans. A tree cannot make a forest, which is why we need one another to grow. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people that can help you in your area of specialization. It is an opportunity for you to meet senior personnel in your field, learn from them and benefit from them. It helps you to expand your network.

  1. Recruitment

Everyone needs a survival strategy. It is either you get a job or start a business. All these things you do them in a bid to survive. Over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source for workers. If your LinkedIn profile is standard and attractive, it just might earn you that dream job you have always desired to have.

  1. Brand Development

Your LinkedIn profile is a summary of your brand. It has details about who you are, what you know how to do, what you have done and what you can still do. It is an opportunity to sell your brand to millions of people.

  1. Google Ranking

If you apply for a job, one of the first things your potential employer will do is to Google your name. He will search for all there is to know about you.

LinkedIn makes this search very easy because your LinkedIn profile has a very strong link to Google. Hence, once a search is carried out, your LinkedIn profile will be among the top things Google will display about you to the searcher.

  1. Industry news

LinkedIn can help you key into industry news. LinkedIn, like every other social media platform has a timeline for when you log in. On this timeline, you will find news updates from your groups, your connections and your company. This will keep you informed regularly.

Why you should Use LinkedIn for Your Business

  1. To create awareness

This is a very good platform for you to establish your media presence. It will enable you sell your brand to millions of people from your comfort zone. Creating such massive awareness will aid fast business growth.

  1. To Boost Sales

Every businessman wants to make profit. Making profit cannot be possible if your marketing strategy is poor. LinkedIn is a very good platform for getting customers who would patronize you and boost sales.

  1. To Build traffic

LinkedIn is a powerful driving force in building traffic. It has a social sharing button through which you can share content in your status updates and also share to groups. This is a powerful networking system that will increase your traffic.


  1. To acquire Knowledge

This is a very good platform for you to listen, ask questions and learn. This knowledge will widen your scope and help your business become better.

  1. To become a marketing influencer

LinkedIn has several features which allow you to be the leader in different domains. If you participate in answering questions, creating contents, build a good reputation and spear-head things, you will become an influencer. This will boost your business’ reputation and sell you to a better audience.

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform to be in. Instead of wasting your time perusing irrelevant things online, you can utilize that time on a LinkedIn profile that will be beneficial for you in the long run. So, create a LinkedIn profile today.