Logo Designs

Your logo is an ambassador of your brand. It tells people what your brand is about even before you speak. A good logo design increases the chances of getting better reception for your brand, while a poor one is very bad for business.

A great logo design requires creativity and skill which is not possessed by everyone. As such, you need an excellent designer for a superb design. Any designer can design any regular thing and be good to go, but a masterpiece can only be created by a designer who truly mastered all aspects of logo designing.

Some people look for shortcut to designing on logo design apps. Logo design apps will not create a masterpiece for you. Do not use a cheap design for your brand simply because it is still a small brand. Use something that can speak well of you even when the brand expands.

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Best trending Logo Design Apps

  1. Tailorbrands: This can be used for designing logo as well as full branding package. It has browser-based software that is very easy to operate. It has no pre-made logos. The platform uses Al to create unique logo for all its users. However, you need to pay $3.99 per month for the full premium package. This is cheap compared to what you need to pay a physical designing agency.
  2. Logoshi: This is a pretty simple app that provides simple, neat designs at affordable prices. It also gives you vector version and bitmap of your logo for one payment.
  3. Canva: This is a full design app. It has a great logo design tool. It has variety of tools for creative designs.
  4. Hatchful: This allows you to customize your logo from several icon, templates and colors. Its logo generator is very easy to use and you can become an expert in it very quickly. Its logos come in fitted sizes for all major social media platforms. The site costs you no penny, all it requires is your email address.
  5. Ucraft: This is also known as a website builder. It has an excellent logo maker which is free to use. You can also download its designs as an SVG or PNG file if you want, but this can cost you a sum of $12.

Logo Design Trends 2019

Like fashion, the world of logos keep evolving as time goes by. Logos change from time to time so it is very good to know what is trending so you can improve on your brand’s logo.

  1. Bright Colors: This has been trending for some years now and it seems like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Some of the most trending logo designs in 2019 are a combination of very bright and attractive colors. They soothe any kind of brand especially when combined with other trends.
  2. Metallic: This is also not a new logo trend. Although, this trend was mainly used for jewelry brands, but now, they are used by several brands. Its shiny metallic effect can make any design stand out.
  3. Creative Logotypes: This usually includes the brand’s full name written in a very unique and recognizable way.
  4. Artistic Deigns: Logos that express an artistic soul are really trending now. Such designs portray the artists’ thoughts in a very beautiful and original way.
  5. Minimalist Designs: This makes the logo look very clean and simple. They look good in small and large brands in a very impressive manner. They also soothe any kind of product. As such, they are the “in-Thing” this year.
  6. Geometric: When it comes to logo design, a combination of logo and geometric can never go wrong. This involves using shapes in logo designing. These shapes have different meanings which simplifies what your brand means. For example, a square symbolizes stability.
  7. Gradients: Instagram used this two years ago and everyone was like “Really!” Now, everyone seems to be so in love with this style.

Logo Design Trends-Creative&Idea

Tips for Creating a Good Logo Design

A logo serves several purposes in the business world. It can send the right messages about your brand to the right customers and provide revenue for you. Some of the tips for creating good designs are:

  1. Know the Brand: A logo says a lot about a brand. Failure to know the business and its target market will make you design an irrelevant logo. To avoid such a mistake, you need to know the brand’s personality, what it sells, how it operates and who it wants to sell to. This will help you in your quest for an outstanding logo.
  2. Make it Impressive: Making a logo for your business is not just to express what the business about; you are also trying to get the attention of some people for your brand’s growth. Your logo is supposed to impress your target customers, always have this at the back of your mind when making a logo. To make an impressive logo, you need to make the designs unique so that your brand can stand out.
  3. Utilize Colors: Colors add beauty to a thing or brand. Color mixing or blocking is a beautiful style for a superb logo. The colors you use for your logo also speak volumes about the brand. For example, if your main color is red, this means that you want to target young and vibrant customers. Colors play a very vital role in logo designing so use them well.
  4. Carefully select Font and Logo Type: This is an aspect of logo designing that many designers skip because it seems like a very little thing to do. Yes, it is little but also very important for your brand. Your fonts, bold or dim also describe the kinds of customers you aim to target. Use your fonts appropriately and also select your logo type based on what your brand depicts.

Logo design is a must-have for any business. If you want to market your business, use quality logos.