How to Solve Main Issues of Contextual Advertising

If you are not fond of the results of your ad campaign, there is a chance to fix it if you provide proper optimization for your ads. At first, you need to make sure how to lead ad campaign in Google AdWords properly and then you can browse for some valuable tips on actions to perform. Below you can read about the most frequent problems you may face when placing ads, and the ways to solve them.

Your ad has been removed from the first line

As a rule, the ads on the first line attract more attention and are clicked more often and, in many cases, click rate for the ads placed below is much lower. As a result, many advertisers aim to get on the first line. And there are some tricks that will allow you to remain on the first position as long as possible.

What to do?

To hold your ground as long as possible, it is necessary to increase gradually the cost-per-click rate for the ad on the first line as often as possible. It is difficult to perform that manually, so you should use the bid manager, a tool for automatic rates management. Set it up and the bid manager will increase the cost-per-click rate automatically. However, if you do not want to spend all your budget, set the maximum bid you are ready to pay per click and consider that placing of an ad on the first line is more expensive than placing a regular ad. So use this tool carefully, as, after all, it may be better for you not to compete for the first line if the price for bid is too high.

No options to place ads at minimum price 

When placing an ad, one of the ways to increase your profit is to decrease costs on ad campaign. If you want to keep the conversion rate on the same level and still decrease the cost-per-click rate, you need to change rates per click manually.

What to do?

Monitor display rates for specific keywords manually, hence you will see the trends (downfall and rise of cost-per-click) and define the best price to choose. It is better to do this as often as possible; although, such an activity will take much time, it can be worthy if you deal with large daily budgets.

What to do?

The conversion is too low to cover ad campaign costs

One of the most current problems for any advertiser is the impossibility to receive the significant volume of a target traffic in case of the limited advertising budget. The high cost of a click nullifies all efforts and does not allow reaching all your target audience. Therefore, you need to think over the option to decrease CPC.

What to do?

  • analyze the difference in CPC of the key requests in the morning, evening, at night and midday;
  • define the number of competitors you are dealing with;
  • provide deep analysis of the audience of your website;
  • find the time when there is the best CPC/traffic rate ratio and focus on it;
  • define devices mainly used by your target audience.

● analyze the difference in CPC

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, you can correct rates and display periods for each keyword or ads group. You also can adjust more accurate targeting for your audience if you have enough data and can create a portrait of your client.

Once you solve all these problems, it would be a good idea to look for more options and sources of traffic. For example, Instagram now has enough tools to drive any kind of traffic from this social network; so, you can read our guide to running ad campaign on Instagram.