Several Tips on how to Make the Best Call-to-Action

The main objective of CTA is to help a visitor make a decision on purchase, download, registration or a subscription. Below you can find some tips on how to make the most effective CTA.

Creating CTA: what to start with?

When you make a CTA, you should start with defining pages on your website that:

  • visitors start from;
  • contain the target action button.

Quite often owners of online resources build all structure sales considering that client starts his activity on the website from the homepage. However, usually the first page a user visits on your website is a blog article or category page. Therefore, you need to consider this at first when you make a content-plan for corresponding pages.

Creating CTA

Where to place Call-to-Action?

It depends on the type of business, resource and product. For example, if it is a landing page, you should place several call-to-actions on one page: the first one at the beginning (for those who already made a choice), the second one right after you point out value of the product, and the others each time you answer the most common objections.

The main principle of Call-to-Action button placement is that the nearby space should contain only the information on the product/benefit user gets.

How to write a text for CTA?

The call to action has to be short, clear and appropriate.

  1. It is better to formulate call to action on behalf of the buyer. For example, ‘put in my basket’, ‘I want’. You will become much closer to the visitors. ‘Order’ or ‘buy’ options are too abstract and cold.
  2. Trigger words. Use trigger words to call positive reaction from the website visitors (‘free of charge’, ‘gift’, ‘learn’).
  3. Motivation. Formulate call to action so that the visitor can understand how action will develop further. Instead of ‘send’ or ‘leave’, it is better to say ‘get recommendation’ or ‘find out the price’.write a text for CTA

CTA design tips

In order to make CTA more attractive you need to make it look better. Consider parameters below:

  • When you decide where to place CTA button or text, make sure you consider how people read the information from the top left corner to the right bottom.
  • It is important to make CTA noticeable and suitable to the general design. Some companies choose the branded color as primary color of CTA. At the same time, you should consider that on the page there should not be more than four colors not to irritate and distract clients.
  • Too small button will not be noticed, and too big will precisely irritate. Choose harmonious proportions.


CTA design tips

  • The CTA form has to look like a square button, this shape shows the best results. Do not make the round button even if it looks stylish.
  • Put the timer with a countdown near the button; this will make user think he is running out of the time to benefit from your offer.
  • Consider priority of buttons: do not put identical buttons nearby. It confuses users and lowers click rate.
  • Remove registration. Allow to make an order on the website without additional registration. If the client is satisfied, he will sign up to your website anyway.
  • Add an arrow. Arrows and guidelines increase click rate.
  • Offer free service or a gift. Make special offers like free shipping, a gift, or special conditions of use.
  • Add the hint. It can be the small emerging comment or hints, which appear when cursor meets the button.
  • The button changing color attracts more attention.
  • Make the page for those who were going to leave. Adjust the pop-up window for users who have taken away the cursor and are going to leave the page.

One page has to contain one appeal to action (if it is not a landing page). Do not overload page with CTAs to avoid irritating client.

How to analyze efficiency of CTA?

efficiency of CTA

There are several tools you can use to analyze efficiency of your CTA:

  • Google Analytics. The classical tool for the analysis of key indicators of the website.
  • Service that analyzes button’s clickability potential. It uses its own algorithm to define whether CTA button is going to be attractive for users.