Dating affiliate programs are a largely unexplored field as far as affiliates are concerned, and with more and more individuals looking to find their match online, it seems a lot of resources might be going to waste.

This would appear rather strange as you would expect that the dating industry which is booming with a huge amount of traffic every year would be highly competitive on the affiliate front, but this is not so at all.

What are Affiliate programs?

One way or the other, you must have heard the term affiliate program being thrown around on the internet; well affiliate programs are simple arrangements in which an affiliate website(owned by you)  is paid by a merchant website to send traffic over to that merchant website.

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Affiliate programs work by links that generate customers from Affiliate website to the merchant website; in other words, traffic owned by the Affiliate program is being shared with the Merchant website.

Affiliate programs are a way to generate traffic for a new website, a blog or even an online store looking to find customers from different parts of the internet.

The agreement is usually dependent on the amount of traffic that the affiliate website sends to the merchant website or the type of action performed by the traffic when they get to the merchant website, that is, if they buy a certain product or perform a certain task, then the affiliate website will be paid a commission.

In a nutshell, if a link on an affiliate website, generates traffic or money for the merchant website, then the affiliate website is paid a certain amount according to prior agreement.

Websites that generate huge amounts of traffic tap into this potential to monetize the traffic; likewise new websites or online stores use this affiliate program to generate traffic and sell their products.

Can I tap into Dating affiliate programs?

Dating Affiliate programs are the way forward in making money off of the excessive traffic generated by dating websites, with more and more people swarming online to find the love of their life, you can do no wrong in tapping into the riches of affiliate networking.

Most people at one point of their lives get into a relationship or decide to find a fling online. Over the years, online dating has become increasingly popular with more people hoping to find the love of their lives somewhere on the internet.

A dating program allows you to meet the love of your life or perhaps that partner you’ve been dreaming about for so long; the point of a dating website is to make it easier to connect with people all over the world or perhaps even close to you that might be a match.

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It has been estimated that some dating websites receive well over 30million visitors per month! That is a lot of traffic right? Without any doubt, there is a lot of individuals out there looking for an easy way to find love or meet the one for them.

Despite the amount of traffic generated every year by dating programs, it is still largely believed that the industry is still a fairly non-competitive one; this implies that the rate at which people are swarming to find their chosen one is greater than the rate of the advent of new dating programs.

The rapid growth in the traffic generated by dating programs is hardly surprising, this is because of the fact that meeting people online is way easier than meeting physically, most people tend to find it awkward and difficult to approach the people they like; and with the advent of dating programs, hooking up has never been easier.

Online dating, in addition, is an international trend, with people all over the world looking to meet people from other countries and other cultures, this results in a wide range of potential traffic to online dating websites.

One can absolutely tap into this huge amount of traffic and generate easy money.

Are dating affiliate programs worth it?

It was estimated that there are over 109 million people in the US alone that are single, with the annual revenue of the dating industry alone close to 2 Billion dollars.

In affiliate marketing, the major players are considered to be Love, Health and Wealth; and for this reason, dating affiliate programs are a huge and unbelievably profitable niche to get into.

You could decide to be an affiliate for any of the dating programs online and generate a good amount of money from this largely untapped niche.

Dating websites with affiliate programs

There are lots of dating websites on the Internet that offer affiliate marketing in order to generate traffic.

Listed below are two dating programs that you can tap into their affiliate networking potential.


Considered one of the oldest websites in the dating business, this dating program is well trusted by many users and widely known

They offer a great affiliate potential as they are widely known and well trusted. Their TV ads and promotions allow for more potential customers. serves many countries and has websites in 15 different languages.

  • eHarmony

This is another big player in the dating program world, considered one of the most trusted all over, EHarmony offers a great affiliate potential, thanks to their heavy TV advertisements, more and more people are likely to sign up from your link

What’s even greater is that people of various ages, cultures or ethnicities are allowed to sign up on eHarmony, offering a valuable affiliate potential.

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Finally, if you are looking to make some money from affiliate marketing, you should consider tapping into the huge potential offered by affiliate dating programs.

Some of these dating websites are already rather popular, and with a lot of TV ads, promotional content, coupled with more and more people looking to find love, it is quite easy to be an affiliate.