Everyone loves to look nice and this is a sure testimony that the cosmetics industry is really big. It is a very large industry that has an estimated annual turnover of more than USD $168 billion. It has grown consistently over the years since no one wants to look hogwash. In the U.S. only, a lot of money is used in the beauty industry every year and this keeps moving on higher. The global population is a clear indication that people could be obsessed with how much they spend on beauty or how they look. There is need for everyone to look good and this explains why the industry will not stop growing regardless of the status of the global economy. There are beauty products for men and women and you cannot wish away either gender in the growth of the market. There are also blogs for men and women when it comes to beauty. There is high demand in the beauty market which results to high competition. However, the high competition does not mean that it is a preserve of the few chosen, anyone can do it, including you! There are numerous beauty affiliate programs that can help you grow your brand. You will note that the most popular products and brands in the beauty industry are easy to read about and here are some in no any given order:

Makeup Affiliate Programs-Cosmetics

Sigma Beauty

This is one of the most popular makeup affiliate networks. It is known to be a fast growing company that manufactures cosmetics. Though it is known for the high class make up products that it gives, there are people who love Sigma Beauty due to its innovation in making the brushes that are so much on demand. The makeup affiliate programs that it offers make it a top target for anyone who needs to be at their best. The company gives you a 10% commission if you are selling for them. If you are a high performer, you will love the cash bonuses, fantastic give aways, and reward systems which are in place to entire you.

Black Opal Beauty

If you have ever desired to venture into any health and beauty affiliate programs, Black Opal Beauty is your best deal. It is a cosmetics brand whose main specialization is the issues that do with melanin or skin color. These products are of great help to the people who have issues with their skin. It can help lighten the skin and there is also a brand that can help the skin in darkening slightly. Black Opal gives you a commission of 6% on every sale you make. It is easy to apply for affiliate marketing slot with Black Opal through the user-friendly Rakuten Marketing Affiliate network.

Elizabeth Arden

The affiliate programs that are availed for you are in their numbers so that you will be spoilt for choice. This particular one, Elizabeth Arden, is known to be a prestigious company that deals in everything about beauty. You will find perfumes, lotion, hair products and also anti aging products that will give you an easy time in the top tier markets. Elizabeth Arden Company also offers cosmetics that help in trend setting. You will receive a commission of 5% if you are working here. The CJ affiliate network is open and easy for you to navigate in case you need to learn more about the prestigious Elizabeth Arden Company.

Pur Minerals Cosmetics

There are many affiliate networks for you. Pur Minerals Cosmetics has an array of skin care products that are manufactured without necessarily having to be animal tested. The products are mainly made in the United States. The company takes pride in being friendly to the environment. The best products that move speedily from Pur Minerals Cosmetics are the skin care products and foundations. Pur Minerals Cosmetics also offers a commission of 5% and you can learn more about it as well as apply online through the CJ affiliate network. Choose Astral Brands.


Why would you fail to enroll for the best beauty makeup affiliate programs as given by Nanshy? The make up palette you use is not necessary if you are not having the correct sponges and brushes to use on your face. Your face is so sensitive and does not need any kind of brush. You have to be deliberate in your choice of sponge and brush. The products that are offered by Nanshy are classy and they are well-crafted to sooth your face to be soft and presentable. The best thing about Nanshy is that it offers a high commission of 10% on all sales. The commission may sound little, but you have another advantage if you shop at Nanshy. You will get 25% on every own purchase you make here. Register to be a Nanshy affiliate by accessing the Nanshy Affiliate Program site.

Makeup Affiliate Programs-Bath Cosmetics


The makeup affiliate programs raised here are to help you find a footing in the market. It is of essence to note that blogs related to beauty cannot promote themselves. You have to apply some effort through the use of known methods such as promoting it on social media. Once you buy products from the sites discussed here, use your own wit to ensure that you hit the target sales so as to get better commission.