Marketing report is an informational representation of data that showcases the performance of any marketing strategy or campaign. Metrics in business stand as a quantitative factor which determines the value of efforts put in. We are going to learn about the combination of Marketing Reports and Metrics. We are going to understand marketing reports examples and metrics meaning. By the end of this, we are all going to be ready to implement Metrics in our Marketing Reports.

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Marketing Reports

Marketing Reports are an essential part to marketing. It gives us an exact idea about the implemented marketing strategies. It helps us address any loopholes or faults in the strategic plan. The main objective is overcome any obstacle in the way that comes. Marketing Reports showcases how good of a campaign one is and also helps understanding the outcomes. The reach of a campaign to the target audience is summarised in the report. It helps us understand the prospective buyer of a product or service and how they reacted to the campaigns. Reports are an important factor that helps us in constructively criticising an idea that didn’t work. They also help us in making better plans and strategies in future for a better growth. There are KPIs (Key Point Indicators) and there are metrics which are distinct part of these reports. KPIs main objective is showcasing critical areas while metrics showcase the overall impact. Both these are essential to the marketing reports.


Metrics in context to business help us determine the effectiveness of any business process in a quantitative way. Metrics are often confused with KPIs (Key Point Indicators) because there way of working is quite similar. But there is a vast difference that separates them apart. Metrics is a quantifiable measure that helps in assessment of any process. Metrics basically shows a comparative analysis of data earlier accumulated with the present one. In case of a new business process the metrics is generally set to an expected outcome. This helps in the process of assessment and ensures that data represented is relevant. For example if we consider KPI in turnover of a company to be $1 million, it indicates a god number. But if we consider that the company was Amazon or Apple, well in that case it’s a blunder. Using metrics would have shown otherwise and it would have shown a downfall in the no. from the previous benchmark. Metrics mainly monitor the data compared to a definite goal or previous achievement. KPI monitors the increment in number since the start of the process.

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Marketing and Metrics

Marketing Metrics represent the values of different aspects of marketing impact in a report. It generally showcases the social media marketing performance. It also shows the number of leads generated and people reached in comparison to previous benchmarks. KPIs (Key Point Indicators) and metrics go hand in hand in case of marketing. Metrics help keeping a check on the growth from previously accomplished goal. Metrics also helps creating a specific target goal and working towards it. While KPIs help in displaying the work functioning till now on the task in numbers. Like number of leads generated or number of people reached which keeps the marketing team motivated. The combination of KPIs and Metrics when accurately implemented in a marketing report ensures growth. The metrics keeps the team stuck to the target while KPIs keeps motivating for even better results.

Nowadays there are many marketing reports software that are available to make reports. The software often tracks KPIs and asks to set the target so as to provide a thorough report. There are analytics websites as well like Google analytics and Zoho analytics which help you achieve the same. The basic idea is to know the numbers and understand how they actually affect your business. If you are sure of the number game that goes on in your business then you would definitely be able to grow. Knowledge is always considered a key to all the problems, and regular reports help us prevent them. Marketing Reports and Metrics helps in monitoring the traffic on our websites. They are also useful in finding out the source of traffic. Analysing these report actually assist the process of correcting a few drawbacks if found. This analysis also ensures that the website continues to grow. The reach on social media pages of a business can also be monitored in the same way. It also helps in finding out about a particular post that worked better than others. This analysis ensures that all the posts are crafted in a way which gets highest response.

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Lead generation is the main aim of marketing. Total number of leads generated versus total number of people reached is the ratio that determines effectiveness of marketing. The primary objective of marketing is to somehow keep this ratio growing. The second objective is to reach maximum number of people which again increases the probability of lead generation. To achieve this goal continuously and consistently we use Marketing Reports and Metrics.