List of Top Mass Mailing Services for Affiliate Marketer

Email marketing is frequently being underestimated by affiliate marketers due to the fact it demands much effort to reach high conversion rates. If you do not want your mailing to be treated as a spam, you need to provide some value to the content and also earn some credibility among your subscribers.

There is one advantage of email marketing that unfortunately made it possible to be used by spammers, low cost. If you compare email marketing with PPC or PPV you will see that although you need to make more investment to get a subscriber base, you pay nothing to send them letters. So below you can see brief reviews of the best mailing services for affiliate marketers.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

This fast growing mailing service offers you high range of services for adjustment of your mailing policy: easy import of emails’ list, big choice of templates and contacts management tool.

A good thing about this service is the fact you can subscribe for a 2-months trial that does not demand from you attachment of credit card. Afterwards you have to pay only $20 per month for subscription.

In advance you get a 1GB free storage and an access to email marketing seminars that will allow you to increase efficiency of your efforts on increasing the email base.


Drip should be considered due to high integration rate when it comes to eCommerce platforms and well-developed email marketing automation tool. You also should choose Drip if you need integration with WordPress based blog.

Once you sign up to Drip, you get a free-trial for up to 100 subscribers. The trial period is not limited and you only have to pay the subscription fee after your active contact base exceeds 100. The package costs $41 per months, and along with other services you get a free access to webinars and seminars conducted by successful email marketers.

This platform is a good decision if you are only considering to start dealing with email marketing.



This is a very good solution if you want to get maximum from the letter designing. The drag-and-drop editor implemented in the GetResponse allows you to make outstanding looking letters; and the amount of templates is a good aid.

There are also many solutions implemented for analysis of your email marketing campaign, like A/B testing, tracking tools and others. You can get a 30-days trial once signed up, and it costs $15 per month to use this tool afterwards.



This is the largest email marketing platform and a good choice for beginner affiliate marketers. There are all necessary solutions implemented: mailing automation, letter editor, adjustment of contacts categories and many other valuable features.

One surplus MailChimp possesses is a free trial period, which is limited with the 2000 subscribers contact base and 12000 mailings. Once you exceed one of the conditions, you should pay $10 per month for the base package.


This is a good option for email marketing, especially if you are going to attract mobile traffic as it offers various designs of decent sign up forms that look good on mobile devices. The platform offers advanced CRM system, so you can use it to make detailed analysis of your marketing campaign results and status of each contact in your subscriber base.

The subscription for ActiveCampaign users costs only $9 per month, though, you request to run a demo account. Note that most of the features are limited for the demo account.


This advanced mailing service is characterized by the high stability of performance and user-friendly interface. You can simply create campaigns in several minutes and get an access to powerful analyzing tool that allows you to browse the number of subscribers that have opened/read your letters and those who followed the link in the letter.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor

The pricing for this mailing service starts from $9 per month and it is definitely worth it. The thing is here, it is realized a powerful analyzing tool called Campaign monitor Insights.

It can be used to analyze all engagement triggers and form metrics on the basis of your audience targeting. Moreover, you can also browse aggregated views across brands and campaigns, which is a unique feature for an email marketing tool.