What is compatible? Compatible means something or somebody that is suitable to be used together, live or exist together.

What does mobile mean? In the field of technology mobile simply refers to devices that you can easily move with them from one place to another. For example, mobile phones, iPad and handheld computers.

What does mobile compatible mean? Simply the term mobile compatible means a site that can be viewed and can be used on a mobile phone. Majority of the sites in the internet are mobile compatible. Most websites though, are not mobile compatible. This is because this website are made for bigger viewing screens.

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You cannot discuss mobile compatibility without talking about mobile optimization. Mobile optimization is the process of ensuring people who access a site from mobile devices have an experience that is mobile friendly.

In order to promote mobile compatibility and mobile optimization, responsive web design is built into internet systems. Responsive web design is a web development approach that is aimed at creating sites that provide an efficient and attractive visual experience with text that will be comfortable to navigate without changing the resolution display of a device screen. This enables website appearances to change according to the size of the display screen of a device.

The responsive web design is used to adapt a website’s layout to a mobile user viewing environment using fluid and proportion-based grids, flexible images and script usage. Elements are resized through use of relative units. Relative units are things like standard measurements and pixels or percentages versus absolute units. The responsive web design also uses cascading style sheet commonly referred to as CSS. CSS allows websites to determine device type, screen size and the capabilities of the browser a user is using. After identifying those three important things, display of websites on different display screens is made possible.

Mobile compatibility and optimization play a huge role in modern web design. As of now many people prefers using their phones to search for things rather than using their computers. Some sites are still not accessible via phones which leads to frustrations to many internet users. Experts are predicting that mobile devices will continue taking over so it is up to companies to make sure that their websites are mobile compatible.

Reasons why your website should be mobile compatible.

  • Mobile phones are the most used devices all over the world. If your website is not mobile compatible it will lead to frustrations to millions who wants to access it using mobile devices. Before I understood all about mobile compatibility and mobile optimization, I would try to load some pages and if they fail, I would automatically assume that the website has problems. Many people think like that and so they will not try to access your website using a different device.
  • Competitive advantage. There are so many websites in the internet that offers the same services making competition very tough. Research shows that only one out of 3 of this companies is mobile compatible. This could be your chance to take advantage of this situation and add more visitors into your website. If users experience faster loads and better features, they will definitely visit your website. Making it mobile compatible is the first step towards beating all of your competitors.
  • Mobile compatibility will help you get more business. Mobile phones are thing that people carry with them practically to anywhere they go. According to google 67% of their users use mobile phones. This means if your website is mobile compatible you are more likely to have more visits than those websites are not. If a customer wants to buy something from your site and he/she finds it is not compatible, he will automatically shift to another site that is mobile friendly. One of the reasons why sites like amazon and e-bay has many visitors is because they are mobile compatible. Optimize your site now and get more audience.
  • Mobile optimization provides a faster loading time. Many links are usually sent to a mobile phone. Whether it has been sent via email or WhatsApp most people will receive it via a mobile device. It is logical to assume that the user will automatically try to load the page using the mobile phone. Imagine the frustration if the person finds the site is not mobile compatible. The user will get bored and probably not try again and you will have lost one customer. But if your website is mobile compatible, it will be easy for him to load into your website.
  • Higher google rank. Google is the most used search engine in the world. According to the search engine report over 60% of google searches are done from mobile phones. If your site is mobile compatible, then it will be visible in mobile search results. If your site is not mobile compatible it is possible that it will not appear in the search results.

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Mobile compatible sites play a huge role in the growth of any business.  The sites that are not mobile compatible are lagging behind and they need to catch up with others to offer a worthy competition. With the predicted increase of ownership of mobile phones, it is important for website owners to ensure their sites are optimized to work on any device.