If you are using Instagram for marketing purposes, you need to understand what the most prominent upgrades in the social media platform for the year 2020 is. Then you will be able to get the most out of those updates. In other words, business owners who become the first to get positive results out of updates end up with receiving outstanding results. Here are some of the best updates in Instagram for the year 2020.

Most prominent Instagram updates
  • Improvements to the explore section

Most of the people who use Instagram are using explore section to get connected with other people. According to recent studies, almost 60% of the users on Instagram are accessing it. Instagram has introduced some changes to this section. Along with this new update, people have found it as an easy task to get connected with companies or brands that they are interested in. You will notice how Instagram is offering the best chance for the people to get connected with things that they are interested about. People who are looking forward to follow latest trends will heavily use this section.

  • Desktop publishing capabilities

Instagram was mainly a mobile only social media network. However, we can see how desktop compatible features are rolling out to the social media network. If you are keen to locate Instagram updates for 2020, you must take a look at them.

People who wanted to run full-scale marketing campaigns on Instagram had to face numerous challenges because it is available only on mobile devices. The capabilities available to them on mobile devices were limited. Hence, they had to go through the hassle of moving photos and videos to the mobile devices and then upload. It increased the time taken for the people to upload posts.

Developers of Instagram have understood this struggle. That’s the main reason why they have introduced desktop publishing capabilities. This latest Instagram update can benefit digital marketers like never before.

  • New stickers

Instagram stickers are in a position to make the posts more interesting. You will be able to take your posts to the next level with added stickers on Instagram. It is true that Instagram introduced a large number of new stickers in past year. Hence, you might start wondering how this will become one of the latest Instagram news. The new stickers introduced by Instagram are quite innovative. You will be able to find lots of interactive elements present in these stickers. Apart from interactive design, you will be able to discover simplified management capabilities in these stickers as well.

One of the most prominent stickers that you can get with the latest update is the countdown clock sticker. If you are looking forward to introduce a new product or a service under your brand, you will find yourself using this sticker. On the other hand, the newly introduced donation sticker will also be able to provide a great assistance to you.

  • Branded content advertisements

Since lots of brands are using Instagram for their marketing campaigns, Instagram has come up with the decision to introduce branded content advertisements. Most of the brands in United States tend to spend around 70% of their marketing budgets on Instagram marketing. Hence, Instagram wanted to deliver a better experience to those brands. That’s where branded content advertisements come into play.

Along with this new feature, you will be able to publish brand related posts on the social media network with ease. You can also promote the organic posts uploaded by Instagram influencers with this feature. This will help you to receive maximum exposure to what you spend at the end of the day. Therefore, brands will continue to use Instagram heavily for their marketing purposes in rest of 2020.

Most prominent Instagram updates-Instagram
  • Checkout

Checkout is one of the highly sought after features in Instagram. The developers of Instagram have been able to introduce it. According to recent studies, it has been identified that more than 150 million people who use Instagram are uploading shopping related posts per month. Due to the same reason, Instagram figured out that people are keen to purchases from Instagram directly. That’s where Instagram made the decision to introduce checkout feature.

As of now, checkout feature in Instagram is only available to a limited number of brands. However, the updated will be rolled out to a larger audience in the future. Hence, you will be able to take your online shop to Instagram before the end of 2020.

Take a look at these updates and align your marketing campaigns accordingly.