Why newsletter is a good idea to increase conversion rate?

No matter what is the purpose of your website (or blog) you still need to improve your conversion rate. We have already published an article on email marketing  to start your business and now it is time to disclose the subject and talk about newsletters, one of the most valuable and efficient way to boost conversion rate.

What is newsletter for My Service?

Newsletter is the regular mailing (once or twice a week or event-launched) that is sent to subscribers on the permanent basis. In order to increase subscribers number and improve their loyalty, newsletter content has to be important to subscribers.

For example, if your blog is dedicated to book reviews, you should include content with the most interesting posts of the week or interviews with authors to the newspaper. The content should be valuable and catchy.

How good newsletter can help to increase conversion rate?

Newsletter is launched to achieve two goals:

  • increase loyalty
  • increase traffic

Loyalty is increased due to the fact that subscribers are constantly reading what you write, thus they are getting valuable information from you for a long period of time. That means that your resource gains credibility from them and when the time comes (to make a purchase or when you advise some kind of service) the subscriber is ought to make a choice on the basis of your recommendation.

Traffic is increased as along with newsletter user gets subscribed to other services you offer, he usually allows to send notifications on updates in your blog or website, thus he clicks on the links in the newsletter to get to your resource.

The more traffic you get and the more loyal your clients are – the more is the conversion rate – the more is the chance clients will make a purchase or adhere to your advice.

How to make people subscribe to your newsletter?

The most common way to do this is to set up the pop-up window on the specified page. For example, on the blog post page with valuable information. You can also offer subscription on the bottom of the page – the thing is the user should see that he can subscribe to get some important information for free.

You can learn about the tools applicable to provide proper Newsletter campaigns in our article dedicated to email marketing  issues.

How can you use newsletter to earn on affiliate program?

If you have loyal audience that reads your newsletter constantly, you can just recommend the service that runs affiliate program in one of your newsletters. However, you should be very careful with that because it is very easy to lose trust of subscribers, if they consider the information you send as spammy. So make sure you have provided deep research of the service you recommendб and you know exactly how it is going to solve the clients’ (which are also your subscribers) issues.

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Newsletter is worth to be launched only if you can provide really useful information, and you run a resource that is capable to engage loyal audience, otherwise running newsletter would be just a waste of time.