Online Game

        Just as technology has revolutionized almost all spheres of our lives, the same is done with our modes of recreation. sports, which are now turned into e-sports and games are turned into online games. What the term online games mean? Online games are the games played online using a computer and an internet connection. When you search this term, you will be baffled by the results that Google will show you as this means of recreation has become an industry not only for the game developers but for those also who promote it. As more people are turning towards online gaming, people are becoming the experts as individuals or they develop their teams for online games. So this industry has been revolutionized in its real sense.

Play to earn

       This phrase looks interesting because, in the past, someone playing a game might have thought how good it will be if I start getting some earning by playing. That person might have laughed at his thought later but we know that this is possible in this century. You can earn by playing, playing an online game or giving tips to people about the way they play online games. All this is possible with the affiliate marketing of games.

How it works

               If you love playing online games and have formed an expertise in that, you can earn. Simply you can create a blog or website. Develop some content strategy for your blog. It can be guided to pass difficult levels of various games, any cheat sheet for a particular game, hacks you do to get extra points in any game, etc. Or you can write reviews about new games. If your work will be authentic, you will soon be recognized as a brand and your content will build a worth. You can write anything about the online game niche that you think an online gamer will love to read.

Once traffic starts coming to your website and you have published good enough content, it is time for marketing, to get noticed. If you can do it by yourself, well, very good, or you can outsource a marketer, build good backlinks, do SEO of your blog. Target a figure for traffic reach and once you have built a strong and retainable traffic, it is the time to get an affiliate program.

Which plan to choose

When it comes to earning through online game Affiliate programs, you can opt for any of these two.

Affiliate sponsorship gaming

Affiliate programs gaming

Letme tell you the difference between these two.

Gaming sponsorship is further divided into three types.

Affiliate code sponsorship

Hybrid sponsorship

Pure sponsorship

Affiliate code sponsorship

             In this Affiliate sponsorship program for games, the company provides you a code for any gaming product, this code has a discount for that product than the actual price. The sponsor will place that code visible for his followers, page viewers, etc. When someone will make a purchase using that discount code, That person will get that product cheaper than the actual price and the sponsor will get a fixed percentage of commission for that purchase, This type of sponsorship works like a triangle where the business company, sponsor and client, all are happy and no one is at a lost.

Hybris sponsorship

          This program also works like code sponsorship yet the difference is that sponsors will get an additional discount for products which will be more than the normal code discount. Or he will get free goodies to be used in giveaways to attract more customers. This type of sponsorship gives added value to the sponsor.

Pure sponsorship

       This type works purely on sponsorship promotional services, providing commission whenever you make a sale for that product or service.

Affiliate programs

         In a simpleaffiliate program gaming, you will work as a marketer for that business and will increase their sales. You will get a fixed commission over your total sales. What you have to do is to convert your valuable fan following or page viewers into product buyers of your affiliate business.


          You can find a wide variety of Affiliate offers for Games. You should compare the commission percentage they offer and check out what these programs are offering. What will be your margin, How much sales you will be able to generate. For this, you have to choose a program that suits your niche. Because your niche relevant products will get a good deal of profit. Here few most famous affiliate programs for games are discussed. You should check these out.

Game Fly

       This platform can give you a handsome profit as you get a commission when a new visitor signs up as a free member or purchases their paid subscription plans. Further, you can earn a commission from their products that your referral purchases.

Game stop

        This platform sells game supplies and it is a widely known physical store. Their affiliate commission rates are good enough and you can get further detail about them by visiting their website.

Zygor Affiliate program

         This program is one of my favorite ones because they give a 50% commission rate which sounds attractive. Not that? Yes, it is. If you have turned your online gaming presence into a brand by your valuable content, You should go for this affiliate program as it can give you a handsome earning in return.

Hoyle Affiliate Program

        With a 15% commission rate, This platform sells digital products like downloadable games, etc. You can choose this affiliate program if you do not want to sell any physical product.