Optimization as the key to promotion

Internet shopping has grown in popularity over the years. That is why if you have offline business you need to know that to create your own online store is easy and very important asset in your business strategy. The most important is to know how your customers can find your online store and buy from you. Of course you want them to have a good experience so that they come back and buy more. In this article I will remind you five things you should remember when optimizing your online store for the best business results.

Pay attention to the product pages on the site.

• Pay attention to the product names, it should be clear for your customers what exactly do you sell.
• Check if your product names are on your product page url and headings.
• Add a unique description to your products with lots of quality content: good-looking photos and short high level videos.
• You should definitely add testimonials because they build trust, most of the consumers read it before buying.
So if you follow all the advices above, you will greatly increase your SEO rank and people will find your goods easier and quicker.
2) Always work on SEO.
Deciding with which keywords you want to be found is the basis of good SEO.
• Make sure that you are only targeting the queries that will actually match what the user is looking for.
• Use the most important keywords in the domain name and H1 title tag.
• Don’t make both of them too long.

Analyze your outbound and inbound links.

Marketers and SEO experts are still debating on off-site vs on-site optimization work importance, but what is clear today is that off-site optimization work is mostly about outbound and inbound links.


Put on your “customer hat” and take a look at your site.

• Make your homepage attractive to people.
• Use it to announce new products, offers and sales.
• Be attentive to the site search function if your online store has a large product catalog.
• Choose good quality pictures for your products.
• The description to the goods you sell should be written in a simple “human” language and should include all the information people can be interested in.
• Your consumer needs to see pricing and shipping information clearly stated.
Help your customers with all these things and they will like your site and will come back to you again.

Use social media platforms.

• Plan, schedule and share content with your followers across different social media sites in just a couple of clicks.
• You need to find perfect time to engage with your future customers as well as the type of content that yields the best results. If you are too busy with your business and have not time for this, use online tools that can help you.


Optimization of your online store cannot be done once and forever. You need to work on it all the time. Create great content and an accessible structure of the site. Develop keywords and link building strategy. Regularly refresh your homepage with sales and new products. Add a good social media strategy that will help you to communicate and engage with people who are interested in your products. Of course you do not need to do everything at once but try one or two things at a time and you will see an increase in traffic.