The best email traffic sources

Email marketing is not something affiliate marketers prefer to deal with when seeking for traffic; however, it cannot be argued that getting an access to the contact information of potential customers is a bad idea.

Sometimes you may need to get a specific contact list to formulate an offer and get a sustainable traffic especially if you are dealing with infoproducts and running a blog.

However, it is always better to build the contact lists on your own as you get trust from the audience and already engaged potential clients. The thing is that purchasing email lists will always make your future campaign on an offer look a bit spammy both for clients and an advertiser, which may lead to problems. Therefore, it is better to make sure an advertiser is not against such kind of promotion.

It has to be said that in some occasions email marketing by paid email lists can be rather effective. So, below you can see the top 4 paid email traffic sources.



This service possesses one of the largest email databases in the industry. Here you can order a list of emails for a fixed price. There are many kinds of emails available: business emails, consumer emails, and all of the packages are divided by the country. Here you can find emails of potential customers from the Western countries, Europe and North America.

The email lists are also divided by industries; actually, there is a rather specific targeting on that. Email bases are constantly updated so you are likely to get a fresh base of active contacts.

You can also use this service to send emails from trusted addresses to make sure those will be received by the recipients.



This service has a wide choice of targeted email lists to offer. Apart from other services, they have placed stakes on the business contacts. The lists are graduated by the level of the recipients in the company hierarchy:

  • top management
  • section leaders
  • middle management
  • directors
  • supervisors
  • linear staff

You can also choose email lists by country, industries etc. And one of the valuable features the service offers is an ability to order email list based on your targeting parameters. That allows you to get a contact base with the people that are more likely to get engaged and thus you can increase the conversion rate dramatically.



FrescoData offers wide range of email targeted lists from over than 60 countries. You can either order email lists by targeting parameters or purchase the ready one. One valuable hint about this service: it is not only dealing with email lists selling, but also offers email marketing services, data analysis and many other services.

One of the most needed type of lists they offer is the magazine subscribers list. Acquiring such a list would allow making an accurate targeting by interests of the potential clients.


This is a US based company that offers contact data of US-based clients. Sales of the email lists is not an only service this company offers, but it is the most interesting one for the affiliate marketers.

Note that here you will not find fixed packages of email lists, but you can set targeting parameters and get configured list of emails in a specified period.