Security branch? Online Safety? These are the most common questions whenever someone goes online. One of the means to keep a user safe is by utilizing password managers. Password managers is an application which assists in generating and retrieving a complex set of passwords. Password manager can be used to protect users against phishing, pharming or any other online threats. There are a couple of types of passwords managers; installed password managers, online services or locally accessed hardware devices.

Password manager keeps your entire password under one encrypted and password protected device. It generates strong passwords for you and automatically logs you into the sites that you would like to enter. There are a lot of password managers that keep not only your password secure, but any of your other personal data such as credit card, phone numbers, driving license and many more!

Password Managers

Password managers are not only being used for personal usage. There are a lot of business entities that prefer to use password manager to keep their business data secure.

Without further ado, we have done the research for you. Below are the lists of the best password manager that you need:


Lastpass is an amazing password manager. It is free, however, it does offer premium features as well. All you have to do is set up the master’s password, and it will allow you to import all of the username and passwords of the accounts that are being used in the PC.

It assisted the users in deleting the information from the computer. It keeps on upgrading its features by adding two-factor authentications, secure passwords reminder, multiple identities, etc. The feature that is very useful is cloud uploading. Lastpass uploads your latest password up to its cloud server and allows you to use them when you are not using your personal computer or in case if you need to share it with someone.


Keeper offers a free trial for its features. It’s base price starts from $25,49 per year. It is not expensive if you consider all the features of the application.

The coolest part is it supports biometric login on mobile. Yes, it is both fingerprint and face recognition. It keeps your data in one isolated specific region in the world. Your data won’t be accessible for usage out of that specific region. It also allows you to appoint an emergency contact to have access to your data in case of an emergency.

Intel’s True Key

Another company that uses biometric data to keep your data secure is Intel’s True Key. It allows you to sign in to your account using your fingerprint or facial features. The application will generate a new password every time you are logging into a new device. It will also automatically log you out and reset your old master password.

Good news is, it is also available for your credit card, membership, driver license numbers and many more! However, it does not support CVV Codes for a credit card. As a redemption, it has a credit card scanner that lets you enter a credit card into the application by simply letting your mobile device take a picture of it.


This is one of the most popular and reliable password managers. It features a strong password generator, as well as the username and password storage. It also has a code integrated system with a large number of popular mobile apps. 1Password adds a secret key to the encryption key. No data can be decrypted without that key.

This application also highlights travel mode, which allows you to remove all but a certain subset of your password from any vault accessible by any machine traveling with you.

It offers a trial version. Their base price starts from $35.88 per year.


Blur offers several services such as creating instant virtual credit card numbers, manages passwords, and provides a dedicated phone number. It offers both local and cloud storage.

What makes blur truly unique? It has features that allow you to create a virtual phone number, or credit card without making you reveal your real ones.

Their premium version cost $39 per year, and it also offers a free version.

Sticky Password

Sticky password boasts its strong password generation, robust form filling capability, biometric support for both android and ios users and android fingerprint scanning. It also provides cloud uploading of all of your passwords.

Sticky password offers both personal and business services. It is one of the recommended password managers for business.

It’s base price starts from $29.99 per year, however, it offers a free version as well.


Unlike other application that levy a monthly fee, enpass offers a one-time payment of $9,99 for each mobile device that you would like to use. The desktop version is free. Enpass stores your data locally to reduce the chance of hacking and reducing digital footprint. But, if you need to store your data in the cloud, it allows you to connect to your personal icloud, dropbox, google drive to sync it with.


I hope that this list helps you decide which password manager that works best for you, according to your need and concern. This article is a password manager review that comprises the services that the application offers along with the amount of payment. Some are better than the others; however, the most essential part is creating secure passwords for your accounts in the first place. This will greatly reduce the chance of online hacking.