How to make money through the Internet?

Modern world gives us thousands of opportunities to make money, especially through the Internet. You might know that the World Web is not only about entertainment and information services, but you also can make a living with it. Affiliate marketing is a great means for it. Though it may seem a little complicated at the beginning, once you get into it, the life will be much easier.

ppa affiliate

The first things that you face, while looking for some information about affiliate sphere, are strange abbreviations: PPA, PPL and PPC. All of them are must-know, but now let’s disclose probably the most interesting form of affiliate marketing. PPA (CPA) means Pay Per Acquisition/action. In this sphere marketers are paid for displaying referential links to consumers, but there is a difference. In comparison with PPC (pay per click), where a consumer just supposed to make a click on the ads, in this form they have to complete certain action, and only after that “marketer’s part” is done. If there is no action on the advertiser’s platform, there is no revenue. Possible tasks to be done:

  • To make a purchase;
  • Create an account;
  • Log in a game;
  • Install the app;
  • Answer the questionnaire;
  • Subscribe to a page;
  • Download data from the page, etc.

The main advantage is its passiveness. For example, posting it on your site with Google ad will not take more than a couple of minutes, and after that you can forget about it, while it will still be working on your behalf. Another tempting thing is that more complicated tasks provide higher salary.

How to start?

There are dozens of companies which specialize on this type of affiliate marketing. But the most important rule here is not to hurry. At first, conduct a profound investigation and select companies that seem to be more promising. Before applying to all of them, make sure that traffic on your website is big enough to get them interested in your services. If this number can be higher, take some time and work on it. Remember that your traffic determines the salary you gain, so do not waste a chance.

Next important step is to find out what they can offer you, type of content, payment, time-limits, etc. Try to avoid “out of topic” ads which may “scare” your followers off.

How to choose a partner?

There are some tips which may help you to choose a partner:

          1. Make a research about the companies which work in CPA affiliate. Do not rely on the first link in the browser.
          2. Search for the reviews about that company and the experience affiliates had with it.
          3. Pay attention to usability and design of all banners. Check whether they work properly or not and test them on your own. Keep in mind that plain-looking banners are not attractive and will not pull a consumer into the lead.
          4. Make sure that the product is appropriate for your geographical location, for example, selling winter tires in warm countries is not the best way to make money through CPA affiliate. It is better to keep a narrow focus on the target audience.