How to compete with industry leaders in AdWords with low budget

You need to spend large budgets and scale your ad campaign to get the most out of it – this is the rule that always works when it comes to Google AdWords.

So, practically always advertisers with large budgets achieve better results in Google AdWords, than those who spend a small budget.

However you should not give up on the Google AdWords, if you cannot increase the ad budget. You still can get traffic and clients. However, you will have to make every effort to analyze the greatest industry advertisers’ experience.

And there are things to learn from them as, dealing with large budgets, advertisers are obligated to optimize costs as often as possible. You can do the same and achieve much better results, without pouring more money into an account.

Below you can see some life hacks big advertisers use to increase ads efficiency. If you do the same, you will be able to compete with them even with the smaller budget.

compete with industry leaders in AdWords

Large advertisers always monitor conversion 

It is a bad idea to spend money in AdWords without monitoring conversion. Big advertisers understand that clearly.

100% of advertisers who spend more than $50 thousand a month set up conversion tracking.

If you have not set up this option, how will you understand that it is necessary to perform optimization? High CTR is steep, but if you do not bind received clicks to conversion, your money will be wasted.

Fortunately, most of advertisers understand that even if you spend less money, than Coca-Cola, you need to worry about ROI.

Large advertisers have more landing pages

Even when the conversion is traced properly, there are factors outside AdWords which can have a considerable influence on your efficiency. It is about landing pages of your website to which you retain the paid traffic.

Advertisers with large budgets know that if you have several ads, you also need several landing pages. The thing is each offer or product ad should be adopted for the specified target audience. If you send all the traffic to one general landing page (or, what is even worse, the homepage), users can become puzzled, thus, they return to search results.

According to data of WordStream, 26% of accounts of AdWords with small budgets have only one active landing page. Among large advertisers this index is equal to 4%.

It is clear, that it is more difficult for small company to make it. You have no staff of designers, who will make it for you. However, you can copy the current design of the page and begin to test text and images options. If your campaigns in AdWords are constructed logically, and you use the uniform landing page for all accounts, make one more similar landing page for each campaign.

Large advertisers have more landing pages

It will allow you to optimize development costs and keep uniformity in style. Moreover, it is more convenient both for users, and for a quality assessment algorithm implementation.

Large advertisers constantly optimize advertising budget

The average coefficient of conversion among accounts with high expenditures makes 10,5%. Among small business advertisers it is equal to 9%.

At first sight the difference does not seem significant. However, it means that big players receive 17% more conversion from the same quantity of clicks, which means the efficiency of their campaigns is usually higher.

Large advertisers constantly optimize advertising budget

What should you start from?

One of the reasons why big advertisers create more landing pages is the fact they are engaged in conversion rate optimization (CRO).

At the first stages of carrying CRO you may want to ignore landing pages and to start experiments with color of buttons and graphic elements. That would be a mistake, as you have to start from landing pages.

Make sure that keywords, which you use are related to your business. The general terms can bring a set of traffic, but paying for excess clicks means to spend the budget for nothing. We recommend redirecting more than a half of a budget to target words with high conversion.

You need also to be convinced that your offers are really attractive to potential clients. Although that is not really concerning AdWords peculiarities, it still affects the results of an ad campaign.

Your offer shall consist of positive, useful and unobstructed content. Follow recommendations below:

  • Write catchy title;
  • Use laconic and targeted speech;
  • Create user-friendly registration forms;
  • Use mobile-friendly design with fast loading pages.
  • Try to influence readers at the emotional level.

What should you start from

Having a small budget is not really a problem. A real problem is having a small understanding of your client needs and AdWords mechanics. All you need to do to succeed in traffic retaining is to know your client well enough to make attractive offers and provide research on your industry leaders advertising policies.