Blacklist or Blocklist is an access control mechanism that allows via all elements, except those items that have been denied access to the items on the list. This can be adopted at various points. The type of element blocked can be influenced by the access control location.

Google is among the world’s top search engines, committed to providing users a safe online experience. It helps identify dangerous websites and blacklist those websites for users’ security. Once Google sights irregularities on a website, which seem to be malware, it will blacklist it. Such malware come in form of pharma hacks, Trojan horses, etc. Most times, the owner of the website has no idea that the site has been hacked. Infected results just show in the search engine’s best interest.

Google Blacklist List

“If Google blacklists an infected website, you are basically off the internet until the website is fixed,” said Peter Jensen, CEO of Google is very security conscious. As soon as it detects any form of hanky-panky on a website, it will blacklist that site for its users’ safety.

Google Blacklist

Some of such Google blacklisted sites are:

Manual List of Sites Excluded from Appearing as Google Now stories to read

  1. com/
  4. com/
  5. net/
  6. to/
  7. ag
  8. net
  9. com/
  10. to/
  11. com/
  12. to/
  13. org/
  14. me/
  15. to/
  17. com/
  18. com/
  19. com/
  20. com/
  21. com/
  22. fury .news/
  23. com/
  24. com/
  25. com/
  26. com/
  27. com/
  28. org/
  29. com/
  30. com/
  31. com/
  32. com/
  33. us/
  35. com/
  36. com/
  37. sananda .website/
  38. org/
  39. com/
  40. com/
  41. com/
  42. com/
  43. org/
  44. tv/
  45. com/
  46. net/
  47. com/
  48. com/
  49. com/
  50. com/

The list of Google blacklisted sites is endless because every day, more and more sites keep getting on the list as a result of shady activities.

How to get off Google Blacklisted Site

Google is widely used for internet search and as such, it shoulders the responsibility of ensuring that all its users are safe.

As such, it keeps an eye out for spams and malware in the search pages it displays. Its algorithms scan the internet and keep updating them on any shady site from time to time. Any website found wanting will be blacklisted. This is for security purpose.

Small online businesses are the main target of such security problems. This is because they are often unable to keep a dedicated cyber response team.

After a site is blacklisted, it needs to go through a Google blacklist removal process to redeem itself.  Google will not blacklist a site without any specific reason. There is always a reason behind Google’s actions.

Reasons Why Google will Blacklist a Website

  1. Malware: This is done if Google suspects that the website is being used to spread malware. For the safety of users, their browsers will display some warning signs especially in the form of a red screen with some warning using the keywords; malware. Some sites may not display this particular warning. They might signal their warning in a different way. The main aim is to stop users from going any deeper into such websites.
  2. Phishing: Some website looks very fake. Some of such websites may be modified to access, collect users’ information and send it to other servers. This is the work of hackers. Google frowns at such websites and gives its users warning signs about them. Such fake websites can also be blacklisted to avoid chaos.
  3. Black Hat SEO Techniques: Websites that use shortcut to generate traffics are not good for users. Even getting blacklist removal for such sites is almost impossible.
  4. Cloaking: This means the site seen by the user is different from what can be seen by Googlebot. If such is detected, the website will be blacklisted depending on its intentions.
  5. Websites Scraping: Scraping websites without the consent of its owners is illegal. Any website involved in such act will have their IP banned. It also is very difficult to remove such a website from Google blacklist.
  6. Links Buying: Some hackers come up with fake links which redirects and adds a user to another thing entirely. Google blacklist cleans up such links.
  7. Content Theft: Some lazy site owners clone other people’s web pages for their own page. This is a serious stealing offence that can land such a website into Google Blacklist.


How to get off the Google Blacklist

  1. Remove Infection: The first thing to do is to correct the wrong on your website. Identify the problem and fix it. You can use Google Search Console to check for the problem on your site and then correct it. If you cannot remove it by yourself, employ the service of an expert.
  2. Remove the Site IP from Spam Lists: Your site could have been used for a wide spread of spam campaign. As such, it could have been added to the Spam list. There are services like MX Toolbox which can help you with the removal. The tool displays an image of your scanned domain, and then you can proceed to the list that blacklists your website and then remove your site IP from the list. Different lists have different removal processes so, to understand the right method to use, you can source for help via internet.

How to Avoid Getting into the Google Blacklist Again

  1. Prevent Hacks: You can prevent future hacks by working closely with Google. It will provide you with vast knowledge on the right way to safeguard your website through Google analytics.
  2. Use Security Solution: This tool is a very standard protective measure for websites. Astra provides such solution which use can use to protect your website.
  3. Updating: Always do a regular update on your software. This will prevent malware.
  4. Security Audit: You cannot manage everything on your website by yourself. As such, you need this audit to help fill in the gap for you.
  5. Avg Duration Sessions: This gives you information on how long a user visits your website. If the time is less than the Google standard, it might rate your content as irrelevant and blacklist your website. To avoid such, write captivating and original contents.