Before start digging into it lets start by looking on  the meanings of the key terms, when we talking of shopping we literally refer to the act of buying something from a certain shop of which to our case we shall talk about online shopping where one is to buy something online. Abandonment literally means not continuing with something of which you had previously started doing it, this take us into discussing shopping cart abandonment which means one has leave the process before completing to make payments thus has left the online purchasing act before paying for it due to some reasons some of which have been discussed down here. Some studies done show that the average cart abandonment was around 78.65% in 2017 and the number keeps on increasing.

You may want to know why do shopping cart abandonment occur, of all reasons the following are some of reasons that are shared by many sites of online shopping

Shopping Cart Abandonment-Full Trolley

  • High price – different in price between different sites makes buyers to abandon the site with high price after find out a site with cheaper price compering to the other sites.
  • Bad payment options – Some sites presents with payment method which is not so familiar to large part of the world, hence it happens to exclude or discriminate some of the buyers automatic. Most buyers from different part of the world have different payment methods with accordance to the area they are from, thus it’s up to the sellers to reduce the shopping cart abandonment by use of global payment methods such as Amex and PayPal.
  • Trust matters – Due to an increase of internet scam, this has led to most of the buyers to loose trust to some of the sites, and also some of buyers have bad previous experience about online such as poor quality of the material ordered or let arrival of the ordered matter.
  • Costs of shipping- In some cases buyers have abandon cart due to high costs of shipping and sometime shipping has been so high mere than the cost of the product to be ordered.
  • Complex outlines – Most of online shoppers tend to abandon cart when face any complexity in the site, thus tend to like simple and straight forward outlines.

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Many online shoppers ted to leave before completing a purchase due to many number of procedure to follow which looks like complicated, thus by reducing the number of steps to follow will make simple hence retain the shopper.

There may be few steps less than five to complete the purchase, Example

  • Choose the product,
  • Add to cart,
  • Click “Checkout” button.

Shopping Cart Abandonment-Basket-Laptop-Cellphone

Let them be free to create account

Some online shoppers have to browse too many site before making decision conclude on purchasing, thus it will be better not to force someone into buying a product but rather to be left free to choose to create account.

Make affordable prices

Being the most top cause of abandonment of cart, thus sellers have to reduce the price with accordance to the market of the particular product, by doing this will retain most of the online shoppers.

Increase Trust

Most of online shoppers develop trust on the seller they are purchasing from, some of the ways to improve trust to their customers that there information is secure are;

  • Use of a valid certificate.
  • Use of trust symbols such a familiar security logos.

Shopping Cart Abandonment-Trolley-Credit Card

Use Emails

If online shoppers abandons their cart before purchasing, make use of their email address. Set a series of email to notify them. Make a follow up regularly weekly or monthly.

Reach out the customer

If there is a notification of abandonment of the cart, reach them and ask them to find out and make improvements after discovery of the problem.

Create a visual

Add many photos that describe the product, since buyers can4t touch or physically examine the product thus adding of photo and a short interesting story is of importance to make the buyer finish up the purchase.

Cart abandonment solutions

Implement Exit-Intent Popups

Use of Exit-Intent Popups to maximize your conversation. This can be installed in any page and detects when the when the buyer is about to leave the page Example when is about to abandon the purchase, thus you can make conversation with buyers.

Shopping Cart Abandonment-Basket

Reduce Surprises

Most buyers don’t like surprises such as additional costs, thus you should be clear from the start by mentioning all costs.

Make the cart visible

Make the cart visible example you make it visible all the time at the right top of the page so that buyer can see it all the time and this will emphasis to go back and finish the purchase,

Be reachable

Customer may have some questions as they go through the site, make yourself available to them by create the place of questions and answers which is Cleary visible.