Skype bots are programs that are artificially intelligent and can perform many tasks like searching for the news, local weather, and even play games with you. Skype has been in front of VoIP based communication services in recent times and is available across all major platforms like macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. The bots on Skype are very similar to Telegram bots but are a bit superior thanks to Microsoft’s advanced resources in the field of artificial intelligence. The social media platform is also constantly updated by Microsoft, meaning its at the forefront of technology constantly. You could use Skype bots for groups to drive engagement in your groups and channels. These bots are things of the future and you should be using them to make your Skype life better and simpler. That said below are a few details about Skype bots and a list of Skype bots 2019.

How do I add a bot and how can I know if it is verified by Skype?

You can simply add a bot by going to your contacts and click on the bot. The exact procedure varies with each platform but is intuitive enough for you to find them without issue. Bots that are verified with Skype will have a grey tick mark next to the contact name and the profile will say Skype Certified. You will also be able to differentiate bots by their hexagon-shaped avatars, normal avatars are round in shape. If you want to block or remove a particularly troublesome bot, you can easily do it by following the same procedure that you would use to block a normal or remove a normal user. The bots are not available all over the world, but only in a few countries. The countries in which Skype bots are available are Latin America, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, and Italy. The availability of specific bots will depend on the bots developer.

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Top Bots of 2019

With Microsoft constantly updating Skype, more and more features are being available to developers. This, in turn, is leading to developers making better quality bots over time. That said, here are the best Skype bots for the year 2019.


This Skype bot works just like its website counterpart, other than that it sits cozily within your Skype windows. The bot will ask you details like your hometown, where you want to travel, and other travel details. Once you provide the bot with these details it will show you a variety of travel options. During your trip, it will also provide tips regarding your route. It will show you pricing for two-way journeys along with the cheapest options and any changes to the price. While this bot does take some time to respond, it does provide you with many useful insights for your trip

Meme Bot

Who doesn’t love a funny meme? Memes are the millennials way of expressing oneself and boy do they love it. If you want to create new comic memes, this bot is for you. The bot lets you create memes with minimal effort, all the inputs that you have to give are the images and the upper and lower text for your meme. The bot automatically processes the data and provides you with your desired meme. This bot is quite fast and gives quality memes in a very short time.


Foursquare bot should be your go-to bot to find details about nightlife, food, events, and other attractions near your location or anywhere on planet earth. All you have to provide is the area you want to know about along with what you are looking to find. The app will then instantly provide all the different locations that might interest you. The bot is not really helpful in a few locations, this is due to the limited resources of Foursquare. That said, the bot is excellent for most of the prime locations on the planet. Once you have decided where you want to go, you can easily plan a get together with your contact by sharing the details of the place using the bot.

Getty Images

As the name indicates, you can use this bot to look for Getty images directly from your Skype window. All you have to do is post your query into the text box of the bot’s chat thread and it will provide you with links to various stock images from the site that might interest you. If you want to purchase any of these images, you just have to click on the link and you will be taken to the website to continue with your purchase.

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Bing News Preview

This is a top-quality bot developed by Microsoft. This bot provides you with news headlines directly into your Skye inbox. All these headlines are powered by Bing, so you can be assured to get only quality news. You will get three headlines along with their links each day.

Horoscope Bot

Surprisingly this bot is also developed by Microsoft. Using Bing’s resources, it provides you with daily predictions. You could also use this bot to check up on other people’s horoscopes and even access many inspirational articles. While one cannot assure the accuracy of these predictions, this bot will surely be ideal for you if you believe in horoscopes.


This bot lets you find tickets for your favorite events. You can get tickets for concerts, theatres, and sports using this app, all you gotta do is chat with the bot.