The only thing constant about social media is- change. Everything is fast-moving in social media. Change is occurring every minute. The design is particularly the one section, where change is imminent. The social media designs are changing too in a breakneck pace. To keep up with the trend, you must prepare your designs to adapt to the change in order to catch up in the competition. Here are some of the latest social media design trends that are worth taking a look at.


  1. Three-dimensional designs

Flat designs were very popular among designers throughout the past few years. But that idea is shifting again. The elements of three-dimensional designs are making a huge comeback this year. Flat designs look good, but if you can blend the good old 3D vibe to it, things are going to be interesting. So 3D is definitely a huge trend in the social media design world.

  1. Minimalism with vibrant colors

We all know the perks of minimalism. It looks clean and organized. You can also give a clear message without creating a chaos of information. But in 2019, vibrant colors are getting mixed with minimalist design. It certainly looks good and catches a lot more attention. The young generation is fast-moving and impatient. They do not want to look at a design that is difficult to understand and full of information. So, minimalist design with bold colors is the solution.

Graphic Trends-Art

  1. The trend of open composition

Not so long ago, the designs were more boxed in or framed. This was done to create a sense of completeness. But that idea is changing. Open composition of creative media is a big thing now. It creates an understanding of the infinite flow of content. At first it might sound like a scattered and meaningless content. But if you design it with precision and meaning, this could be the real game-changer for 2019.

  1. Boldness of typography

2019 is following the trend of bold fonts. The design language is meant for delivering a strong message in your design. Bold fonts with a hint of 3D here and there will make the perfect design. But you executing the design with a balance is the key to success.

  1. Opposing color schemes

As you can see with Facebook, the dark and light design of themes are a huge factor now. Big tech companies and social media platforms are rolling out dark mode for their platform. The contrast is attracting a lot of attention from the consumers. So, bringing that kind of design language to the palate is also a good idea.


  1. Use of gradients

One of the most important trends of social media design ideas is the use of proper gradient color. Blend in colors of your choice that catches the eye and aim for a smooth transition in the design. The color choice is also a significant factor to consider here. It should be something that is not very flashy for the eye. But at the same time, it must be eye-catching.

  1. Asymmetrical design language

Symmetry is always lovely to look at. Especially to people who are obsessive over making everything perfectly aligned. But an asymmetrical design brings the element of surprise to the table. That is the thing which made it a trending design for social media platforms in 2019. The asymmetrical design catches the eye of the viewer quickly and lets them wonder about it.

  1. Designing with fluidity

The time of making everything boxy and sharp-cornered is shifting. Even phones have curvy displays nowadays. So instead of the sharp design, the trend is shifting towards a more fluid and flowing design in the social media. So, instead of trying to create the boxy and angular design, try to blend in some fluidity to it.

  1. Colorfulness

The trend of less flashy colors is pretty much gone from the mainstream now. Everything comes with a vivid color scheme now. Even if you go to buy a new phone, you will find that it comes with some flashy colors like red, pink, yellow, etc. The same goes for social media design trends of 2019. Bright and vivid colors are the choice of the new generation. So, go on and add some color to that darkness.

  1. Blending modern with retro

Retro and classic are the two words that never gets old. In 2019, the audience appreciates the 20th-century designs very much for their nostalgic values. But it can’t be all black and white. Mixing up that retro design scheme with a touch of modernism gets it going great. The retro look makes the consumers more nostalgic towards the design idea. Thus creating an attention magnet design.

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  1. A touch of hand-drawing

Hand-drawn illustration always gets the job done if done correctly. In 2019, the trend is to bring drawings made by hand and blend them with the modern styles of design. Many famous companies in the social media are doing this. This type of design creates a personal relationship with the consumer. That is not a thing to ignore.

  1. Use of stock photos

In social media designing, stock photos always play a significant role. But time is changing. No one likes those annoying and odd stock photos that flow around the internet for ages. People want new and authentic content. So, stock photos that have the professional touch and aestheticism are very trendy in 2019. Make sure to pick some of the realistic shots from the stock sites.

If you are the type of person who likes to stay updated with the designs, you can consider following this article to get you up to the speed with the social media design trends 2019. With the brands competing against each other in the social media, the coming years are going to be pretty hard. So, catch up before it’s too late!