A sweepstake is a type of contest where a prize or prizes may be awarded to a winner. Initially, it began as a form of lottery that was tied to a certain product that was being sold by a company.

Today, sweepstakes is a tool of a marketing promotion to reward existing customers and to draw attention to the product. Now an individual is not required to buy a product first to partake in sweepstakes.

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As a marketer, sweepstakes is a simple, effective, low-cost tool to generate market leads and help your business grow. There are a few sweepstakes advantages against other marketing tools:

  1. Growing the company’s marketing database

In the marketing world, one of the most challenging aspects is to grow your marketing database. All of the companies are competing amongst themselves to expand their customer base and to generate more leads.

With sweepstakes, not only companies are generating more audiences, but companies are also getting a much more qualified leads that are interested in their product.

  1. Getting to know your  audience

There are a lot of sweepstakes that allows a marketer to collect as much as personal data and information to people who participate. It can push the company’s marketing into a level which shows effective communication and effective engagement.

  1. Rewarding your fans

Return customers and brand fans are what keep your business alive. Their engagement and loyalty are essential to the company’s success. By conducting sweepstakes, companies are showing that companies’ brand cares and appreciates customer loyalty and engagement. Business owners are giving something tangible or experience to keep their audience excited and engaged with the company’s brand.

  1. To campaign awareness

Sweepstakes provide a fun alternative to convey product information in a fresh way. There is a lot of marketers that crafted the sweepstakes with elements that are centered around a certain marketing target. Marketers can easily enlarge the magnitude of a sweepstake by using social media as a marketing campaign.

Sweepstakes not only provided offline, but most common ones are sweepstakes online.

There is two common types of online sweepstakes:

  1. Sweepstake with a one-time entry
  2. Sweepstake with multiple entries.


There are a lot of individuals who are attracted to contributing to sweepstakes offers and sweepstakes advantages.  To enlarge the chance of them winning, a lot of people who partake in sweepstakes use sweepers leverage technology.

  1. First, you have to find out about available sweepstakes and contest from websites that specialized in showing such contents. You are also able to subscribe to newsletters such as I win contest for information about prizes of the sweepstake and frequency of entry. Most of the website are free. However, they do offer a premium membership.
  2. Next step is enabling auto-complete software in your browser. This mode enables browsers such as Google or Firefox to store your name and address. It will later help you fill out the form. By auto-completing your web browser, the person can cut the time and eliminate the chance of typos. If you fill the wrong information, you will be eliminated.
  3. Create a separate email for sweepstakes. A personal e-mail inbox can get filled with extra e-mails very quickly, especially if the user partakes in sweepstakes. Players would also get notified through email, which can easily get lost amongst personal mails.

Aside from auto-complete software, there is also auto-submit software that is being sold in the market. However, the usage of this software is prohibited by most of the contest rules.

This habit has become a craze that there are several sweepstakes club that emerges.

Sweepstakes club offers motivation and encouragement for their members. You are also able to swap information on several local sweepstakes.

There are local sweepstakes in which you would need to use an official entry blank that is only available at the sponsored place. Having someone that you know from these clubs will make it easier for you to help each other pick extra official entry blank.

Of course, the most important part of being in a sweepstakes club is sharing the strategy that is needed to win. There are a couple of strategies that a person could use to improve their chance of winning, such as;

  1. Crinkling the paper or folding it like an accordion to make it easier to grab.
  2. If it’s an envelope drawing, then use colorful eye-catching envelopes.
  3. Play the best odds.

There are a lot of people who prefer to take sweepstakes with shorter entry periods, or sweepstakes which has entry limitations. They also prefer to choose sweepstakes that have many prizes. The reason is simple: To play against the best odds.

Shorter entry periods sweepstakes and sweepstakes with limitations are proven to have a limited amount of people who partake in it.

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Sweepstakes is a tool that connects both customer and companies. On one hand, companies use sweepstakes as a tool to market and engage with their audience and customer. On the other, a customer uses sweepstakes as their personal benefit, to gain a product or experience that the company offers for their own personal satisfaction.

As long as it is kept in a fun and engaging way, and the customers are not being scammed or tricked into purchasing a product of a company, sweepstakes will remain as a positive engagement media.