Now that technology has become a part of our daily life, our life has accelerated with a combination of changes in technology and society come together.

They are part of the old technologies that are being innovative to keep up tom the public’s demand and interest. As it is a part of economy evolvement, below is the list of the biggest tech trends that might see the light in 2020, or not:

Blockchain Technology

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger that stores and exchanges data for cryptocurrency. There are major companies that reported how blockchain will actually rule the technology world in 2020. According to IDC, blockchain will continue to advance towards 2020.

Tech Trends-Mobile

There are a lot of cryptocurrency companies, like Ethreum and Hyperledger that have spent over $1,5 billion on blockchain technology. Wallmart and Facebook are also trying to bring their own cryptocurrency to the table.

However, we can foresee that technology usage will move beyond cryptocurrency. Not to mention that we know that amazon web services democratized the usage of blockchain with their subscription based-as-a-service platform.

Gartner report has foreseen this by anticipating that the generate $3,1 trillion in business value by 2030. There are many big companies that are developing this technology in their own respective field, such as Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and Alibaba.

We will be seeing more usage of blockchain in other ways beyond payments and cryptocurrencies. It might be used in food safety, intellectual properties, and royalties, or asset and real estate management.

Our point is, there are still a lot of aspects of the company that can still be developed.

Artificial Intelligence

The next big tech trend is artificial intelligence. It has been a fascinating concept since it was introduced.

Artificial intelligence refers to a computer showing intelligence based on a set of their own capabilities of learning, without a human having to insert commands for them to perform an action.

In Adobe 2019 Digital Trends Survey, the influx of artificial intelligence continues and was the most popular trend for delivering personalized experiences.

Amazon who has the ambition to provide customers a hassle-free shopping experience has introduced a cashless retail store called Amazon Go. They are targetting to open 3000 stores across different parts of the United States.

Microsoft Conversational AI is now, in fact, working incredibly hard to build platforms that not only will be able to hear correctly, but follow complex conversations and understand the nuances of emotion.

With Silicon Valley companies developing chipsets and SOCs that can isolate human voices and accurately process natural language in real-time. We are expecting a much more solidified AI in the coming years.

5G Technology

Yes, we are talking about the controversial technology that has probably filled up your news feed lately. This technology might be your biggest mobile tech trends in 2020.

Biggest companies in telecommunications like Qualcomm, AT&T, Verizon, Nokia, Huawei, and Ericson will be making sure the 5G deployments stay on pace. There are many android companies who are releasing 5G phones.

5G technology will bring faster-higher internet speeds to our phones. With faster internet, you can expect more robotic technology that could benefit from it too.

Even tho the connection now is very sporadic and inconsistent, it is predicted to be perfected in 2024 when most of us would be having a 5G phone.

As of, for now, Shanghai has become a national rollout in October to be the first city with a commercial 5G network. On the other side of the globe, Verizon is also bringing 5G to four US cities.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is an ecosystem of physical objects – appliances, equipment, vehicles, devices and many other that exchange data through the internet without any human interaction.

There are systems that have been developed, such as Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa that have begun to acquire spaces in homes in America. Their function varies from voice interaction, playing requested songs, making to-do lists and providing weather condition.

Apple, in fact, has just launched HomePod, an advance technology speaker to deliver high-fidelity audio in addition to some other home features that are offered by Alexa. Samsung has also announced to launch a system based on Bixby technology in the coming years.

This is just a small picture of how the internet of things could advance. With the development of faster internet, and 5G technology this environment is expected to see the outdoor. Expect more connectivity between autonomous cars, drones, and smarter cities.

Faster WIFI

On the other side of the technology, WIFI is bringing WIFI 6. It is a completely different technology with 5G. How fast it is? It is 9,6 Gbps, which is a lot more than your 3,5 Gbps on wifi 5.

Aside from speed, wifi 6 goal is to bring network improvement. It introduces new technology that mitigates the issues of putting a number of wifi devices on a single network. It lets the router communicates with dozens of wifi devices at once and lets it send the data to multiple devices in the same broadcast.

This is very important because the WIFI network is expected to grow ten to fifty times the existing network.

Tech Trends-Artificial Intelligence


Cloud computing has become a trend in the last recent years. It is changing IT environment. We can see the usage of it through quantum computing, public clouds, enterprise IT interest, Kubernetes and cloud spending.

Another cloud technology that will get developed in the near future is cloud services. There has been a rise of PaaS (Platform as Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and SaaS (Software as a Service).

With big data coming to the picture and becoming a technology that is used worldwide, expect a more innovative solution that comes through the usage of cloud, especially coming from the business sector.