Telegram bots are third party applications that run in Telegram. You can interact with these bots by sending them commands, messages, and requests. You could also control them using HTTPS requests sent to Telegram bot API. These bots are normally used in Telegram channels to extend functionality and make them more engaging. These telegram bots for groups have been there for a long time and even you can create your own bot. We have discussed what Telegram bots can exactly do and the best Telegram bots 2019.

What can Telegram Bots do?

  • Get your personalized news and notifications: These bots can act as a smart newspaper, delivering relevant content to you as soon as they are published on the internet
  • Integration: These bots can integrate many services into a Telegram chat. The external services list includes Gmail, Youtube, IMDb, GIFs, Images, and even GitHub.
  • Payment channel: These bots are capable of receiving payment form users by acting as a virtual storefront or other paid services
  • Building games: Bots like GameBot and Gamee offer a rich HTML5 experience, this lets you create games, all the way from the simplest of arcade games to most extensive 3-D shooters and real time strategy games.
  • Connecting people: A bot can help people with similar interests connect with each other.
  • Anything: These bots can be programmed to do anything in the virtual realm of the internet.

Telegram Bots-Bot

How can I create a bot for my Telegram channel?

Well, you could waste a couple of hours searching the internet or you could use a bot that is just meant to help you create your own bot. BotFather is a bot that lets you create your bot in just a few seconds, you can then refer to the Bot API Manual to add further functions to your bot.

Telegram Bots 2019

Each year Telegram receives more and more updates. With each update, the bots get better and better. This means over the years many developers have developed amazing bots for you to use to improve your Telegram channel. Below are the bots we found to be the most interesting or useful.


No bot list can be complete without the father of all bots, the BotFather. This should be the first Bot you must familiarise yourself with, as this is what will enable you to create the bots you need with ease. Other than creating a new Bot it can also be used to change the settings of an already existing bot. The bot can also be used to generate Telegram Bot API tokens. To create a new bot all you have to do is open BotFather, type in “/newbot”, and assign your bot a name and username. You will need to use this Bot quite often to create all the bots that you need for your channel.


This platform can be used to create bots for subscription and membership channels. Using this Bot you will be able to charge a membership fee for users who want access to your private Telegram channel. These bots can also be used to create subscription plans with recurring payments. These Bots can not only receive payment but will also send the paid users the link they need to get into your channel.


This bot can be used to create polls in Telegram. Once created these polls can be shared with friends or posted in various groups and channels. If you type @vote in your channel, it will open the list of polls open.


All you have to do is add this bot to your contact list and it will give you constant updates about the weather condition in your city

Giphy GIF Search

This bot is used to find and post GIFs. You can also use this in channels. To find a GIF you want, all you have to do is type @gif with a search query and GIF suggestions will start showing up.


This is a constructor that is used to make feedback bots. This lets you ask feedback from your customers or users without having to reveal your personal user ID to them. These bots can be used for your channel, group, websites, and even other bots.

Pomodoro Timer Bot

You can use this bot to make your time more productive. It lets you select a task and assigns you periods of productivity with short breaks in between them. This boy will make sure you don’t overwork yourself, while also preventing you from extending your breaks endlessly. It also lets you track the time you’ve spent on each task.


This bot is meant primarily for Telegram channel owners and is rich with many features. This bot lets you add reaction buttons, add buttons to open post comments, create temporary posts with self destruct timers, schedule posts in your channel, see your channel statistics, and even write rich-text posts with markups in HTML or Markdown.

Telegram Bots-Message

Sticker Bot

This bot lets you find suitable stickers in relevance to your favorite emojis.

Telegraph Bot

This bot is a minimalistic publishing tool that lets you create rich-formatted posts that are embedded with pictures, videos, and etc. You can post these on any websites and you will be able to read them without leaving your Telegram app. You will also be able to login into your Telegraph bot using your login.

GitHub Bot

This bot lets you interact with your public GitHub repositories and post comments in it directly from Telegram.

Wikipedia Voice Bot

This bot lets you browse Wikipedia directly from your Telegram app.