In a world of so much online relevance, a domain registration and name is an excellent strategy to occupying and maintaining your cyber space-almost like the old times when rulers took over their territory in the most defensive way to prevent a take over from other rulers.

Whether you are into creative entrepreneurship or you are a business owner, a website should be registered with a domain registrar and created by a name that is peculiar to you or your kind of personality

A domain name is usually a combination of words, letters, and symbols as long as it is easy to grab a line and can be typed into the web without stress. Mostly to describe an individual in a unique, not easy to forget the way.

In this age an era, there is a need to have an influencing online presence- whether for personal gains or business reasons.

A domain name, whether newly created or purchased from a domain seller or private seller is germane in a time like this-

The domain names to use are so many. But, few have been selected as some if the neatest.

Ten Best Domain-Domains

This Fb stands for farm bureau federation. In a nutshell, the American farm bureau federation registered as a not for profit organization. Immediately it was bought by Facebook; they got a massive influx of money. The fact that Facebook has bought it till today is why whenever it is searched for on the web, the site redirects you to

The band had the goal to expand its horizon, and the only way this could have been made possible was for Facebook to purchase the domain name.

This is a site where people visit to get information on investment, stock exchange and every other thing that has to do with money. It was first sold ( a financial service information publishing) in 2008. In 2011, there was a significant crash that resulted from the abuse of some of the Ponzi schemes. This has made the site fall a bit and has made it ever since a site for sale.

It has now been changed to lifeQuote since it was purchased by a California based company. It is has a lot of traffic because so much need to be unveiled about the anatomy of insurance and its policy.

This site remains an ad-free site with the correct gist about internet trends, news and, products among other things.

It was bought from web media brands by queen street at $18million.

It is no surprise that the has been able to gather loads of interested people over time.

If you will be away from home, it is understandable that you still desire to feel at home.

This has been a perfect domain for vacation deals since it was purchased from a Texas-based firm.


Consumers have great confidence in this site as it is the best place to visit if you want to purchase auto insurance, it has since been bought over by QuinStreet at $49.7million.

It is a go-to site if you want the best deals on car and auto insurance.

This site is now owned by Atlanta based nations luxury transportation. The most patronized online jet charter travel remains as it has been for a while now. The site is ready to take your bookings as long as you are interested in having excellent flight experience for great deals.

Ten Best Domain-Cubes

It is not surprising that a site with a topic of universal interest will make it to the list of some of the most famous domain names. The site has been since 1990.

It is a site for adult content. So, you might want to be eighteen before you visit the site.

Gary Kremen bought it at $13million

There may be a need to reserve lodging and accommodation if you are going to a new environment especially for the first time. is the online site to go to that has made it easy for hotel reservations to be made. It was bought by David Roche in 2011, the hotel president at that time. With an assurance that he was doing a great deal of investment, he bought it and was able to sell at $11billion later.

A site that offers first-hand information on home, life, car and motorcycle insurance. Quintet bought it. The same online marketer that bought

Other things that can be done on the site are; comparing of insurance rate, saving money on coverage, viewing options instantly. With the popularity of the site as people always seem to have questions that concern insurance, the site has continually gained speed and is now worth about $ 35.6million.

A useful site that offers bookings, tours, and accommodation in one of the most popular cities. The site was bought over in 2005 for about $90illion by one of the most popular domains investing marketer and expert; George kirkos. which is an entirely different website from Las has also agreed to buy the site with the first payment of $12million and a continuous payment until 2040.