A major benefit that advancement in technology has afforded us is the ability to send money across the world within a very short while. You no longer need to have a person going to a particular location where the person you want to give money to is before you can send money. The financial aspect of the revolution started with banks, where you could pay money in a particular branch and withdraw from the branch in another city. This is also applicable to sending money to someone who is currently in the other city. Despite this, limitations still existed.

There is no bank that currently has a branch in every city or town in the world. With banks alone, you cannot send money to people everywhere. The banks noticed the problem too and made arrangements such that it was possible to send money from one bank to a different bank. Thus, I can use a particular bank in my town to send to a different bank in another city. This was great, but as of today, there is still the limit of time. The processing takes between 1 to as much as 5 working days. Payment apps saw the opportunity to be able to send money instantly to people and that sort of solved the problem. There are thus, several apps that allow you to instantly send money to the account of another person. However, in most cases, the individual must have an account with that particular app too. Here are the 10 best payment apps of 2019 that make it easier and faster to send money.

Best Payment Apps-Smart Pay

  1. PayPal

PayPal is a money transfer app that can be installed both on the Apple and Android devices. It also has a website that you can use on the computer or any device that connects to the Internet to access your account, send and receive money. The app is currently used by over 17 million people worldwide. It is easy to use and very secure. It also supports the use of credit and debit cards. A lot of people who earn money from the Internet utilize the platform for receiving payments. It allows the sending of up to $60,000 per transaction but there is no limit to the money you can send with the app. The charges include a fixed fee plus 2.9 percent of the amount you are sending.

  1. Apple Pay

Apple pay app is limited to those who are using Apple iPhones and iPads. Thus, it is only compatible with the iOS operating system. It is possible to send up to $3,000 per transaction and up to $10,000 within a one week period. You will be charged a fee of 3 percent if you used a credit card to fund the amount you are sending.

  1. Google Pay

We are all familiar with Google with so many people in the world using at least one of its services. The services include search engine, GMAIL, and translator among others. Google Pay is another of its service that you can easily use. The app can be used by both iOS and Android users and can be used to spend up to $9,999 at once. However, there is a limit of $10,000 per week. Residents of Florida can send only $3,000 within 24 hours. You are not charged for sending money on this app, even though you can send money to family or friends with a credit card.

  1. LevelUP

LevelUP is an efficient app for making payment to family, friends or business associates. It is possible to link your credit cards and debit cards to your LevelUP account to send money. The app also gives special offers and allow its users to earn rewards. The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

  1. Square Cash

Square Cash is another great cash app that is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. The app is great for sending small amounts of funds as you are allowed to send a maximum of $250 per transaction and per week. The weekly limit can, however, be increased to $2,500. If you are sending from a credit card, you are charged a fee of 3 percent that is added to your total transaction.

Best Payment Apps-Pay

  1. Venmo

Venmo app is owned by PayPal and is also compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. The app allows you to send up to $2,999.99 every 7 days. You pay $0.25 to send your balance from the app, 3 percent if the money you are sending from funds loaded via credit card and $0 if you are buying from merchants authorized by the app.

  1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook has created a payment app that the over one billion users of the platform can use to send and receive money. The money can be sent through the messenger app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones. The limit for payment is not disclosed. No fees are also required even though you can only fund with PayPal account or debit card.

  1. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is an app that is compatible with only some specific Samsung devices. There is no payment limit or payment fee, just as person to person transfers are not allowed. Money can only be sent from one compatible Samsung phone to the other.

  1. Zelle

The compatibility of Zelle depends on the app of your credit union or bank. Your limit is also set by your credit union or bank except they don’t support, then you have a weekly limit of $500. Fees are not charged by Zelle even though your credit union or bank might charge.

  1. Circle Pay

If you send money regularly to people who reside in other countries, then the Circle Pay app compatible with iOS and Android will be great for you. It has an initial weekly limit of $400 that can be increased to $3,000. Charges are free by Circle Pay but it is possible for your bank to deduct some charges.

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All the payment apps discussed above are great for sending money to business associates, family, and friends. The apps are reliable, efficient and secure.