Since the first web browser was developed, there have been many with better experience that get to be developed every now and then. A web browser can make a great difference on your everyday browsing. I have compiled a list of the best web browsers for 2019 for your PC according to performance and the number of users.

Tor browser

Tor browser is infamous because of its association with the dark web. Many of the people who use Tor browser enjoys a routed traffic which makes the user very hard to track.  It is the most secure web browser currently. It usually don’t store history or have bookmarks or cookies. Download tor browser online and run it on your windows PC or Mac. Nobody needs to know you have Tor browser, as I have said it is usually associated with the dark web. Run it from a USB stick so that it is only you who gets to use it.


Vivaldi is a relatively new browser. It has been in the market for a short time but those who have used it has expressed their satisfaction. The whole set up of the user interface is all up to you. You can for example dock websites on side panels as you use the main window to do your other browsing. Vivaldi also allows you to group tabs and move them whenever you want.  You can expand the browser further by downloading extensions from chrome web store. It has an amazing experience and I believe it is a browser to watch. In the next couple of years it might be the best browser around the world. Download Vivaldi from webstore and enjoy your browsing.

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Microsoft internet explorer

Microsoft internet explorer is a fast and efficient web browser. It is not as flexible as google chrome but that does not mean it is not good. Microsoft internet explorer has been in the market for a long time has had ups and downs but the challenges has helped get up stronger every time. Microsoft internet explorer is highly compatible and it does not take up much of your space. Unfortunately Microsoft internet explorer is not capable to handle add-ons. This is a disadvantage because its worthy competitors have this ability which makes me think they should rank above it. If you are looking for a more customized browsing experience then this is not the browser for you. But if you are looking for a powerful and a browser that makes modest use of the system, then Microsoft internet explorer is the web browser you should have.

Microsoft edge

Another Microsoft browse makes to the list. Microsoft edge works on all your windows 10 devices. It has great security and special reading mode that display the important pages. Microsoft edge is the default browser for all windows 10 devices.  Microsoft edge provides a more user friendly compared to the internet explorer. Microsoft edge as windows 10 default browser has many users all over the world.


Opera has been known for its fast speeds and ability to be used by users who have slow connections. I think it is underrated and it should at least the second best if not the best browser in 2019. It is sad that Opera makes only 1% of the browser market. Opera is a very quality browser, it launches fast, its UI is very clean and it does everything chrome and Firefox can. It has a turbo feature which compresses traffic routing their best servers, which in turn increases the browsing speeds. This feature also reduces the amount of data you will use. It is also a very secure web browser. Opera usually ducks out of the way when you are using secure sites making your traffic free. Sometimes when you are busy browsing an ad pops out, sometimes this ads can be very irritating. Opera has the perfect solution to that. It has an integrated ad blocker which you can use to block ads. It also have a power saving mode which helps in saving the battery.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is an amazing web browser fast enough and adaptable. Google gets to handle all your online activities when you are using google chrome. Google chrome is the best 2019 browser if your system has the resources. Google chrome in unbelievably stable, excellently presented to take up minimum of your screen space. It is one of the best browser in the world. You can easily add extensions from the google chrome web store. Its main downside is that that it is heavily built and it will take much of your RAM space. It has also been sometimes been criticized because of using so much data.

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Mozilla Firefox

After several year being in the shadow of google chrome, Mozilla Firefox has upped their game with a fully updated code base. Firefox has retaken the throne of the best browser in the world after going through the biggest update in 13 years. It is known for its flexibility and support for extension. After the update Firefox offers the best speeds probably even better than google chrome. Unlike google chrome, Firefox does not take up much of your RAM. It also offers similar services as google chrome and is slightly better when it comes to privacy. It uses less data like opera and it makes updates constantly to improve security. Mozilla Firefox is surely the best web browser in 2019.