What are the best CPL networks?

Your company can offer the best service or product on the market, but the world will remain indifferent to this if you do not have a direct contact with potential clients. The best way to reach customers is CPL networks, which collect contact information for you. Using these networks, you pay only if the customer fills in the form with the data you need or even performs certain actions – for example, subscribes to your newsletter.



In this case, two types of data should be distinguished. The first is the data of people who are not yet ready to buy anything from you (you will need to periodically send them promotional materials, gently convince them of the benefits of your product or service). The second is the contact details of the user who already wants to purchase your goods or use your services right now. Of course, the second category is the most valuable.

The more contact information you have, the more it costs. Imagine that the customer has indicated his contact details, answered all the questions that interest you, mentioned what product he uses or wants to use. In this case, the manager should only call the potential client, clarify the nuances and conclude the contract.



But how to collect such data? CPL networks is the answer. There are many such networks now. After all, the demand for leads is huge. We studied the market in this area and selected the best CPL networks for you.


Affiliate window

This is a fairly well-known platform, which allows you to effectively collect data about the target audience around the world. The latest technologies and expert support will allow you to develop business on the Internet in the only correct way: direct impact on potential customers. Whichever strategy you choose, Affiliate window will be a good tool for development.



If you’ve ever been interested in CPL networks, you’ve probably heard about this platform. It is known as one of the most fast growing and dynamic. It offers network solutions for a wide variety of business areas – from travel agencies to dating sites. In addition, it helps its partners to expand business opportunities, offering all kinds of promotions and discounts.


CJ affiliate

Among other advantages, this network service can boast great experience in the market. During its existence CJ affiliate has won the trust of more than 500 companies from different fields of activity from all over the world. You will receive the data you need from the target audience, which will help you to conduct business more precisely and purposefully.



The guys in Zanox know exactly how to attract the right audience to you by means of advertising, attractive shares and profitable offers. More precisely, how to get contacts and other information about consumers through leads. This is a well-established mechanism for generating money for its customers.



This is another company that has been operating in the market for a long time, and its reputation is growing every year. Thanks to its assistance, many brands have accelerated their growth and increased profits. Since it has long been known that the more leads you have, the more chances you will succeed.



The name of this company may seem somewhat presumptuous, but it justifies expectations. It helps to organize high-quality traffic to your site, thereby increasing sales – twice, or even more. Of course, good traffic is not the only component in the success formula. But if you use it wisely, growth is inevitable.





This network works with companies of very different profile and scale. Its experts select the optimal mechanisms for generating leads, based on the specificity of client’s business. In addition, it monitors and implements the latest technologies and approaches in the industry.