The Instagram business account is one of the most important things for any brand or online company nowadays. Instagram and Facebook ads have become the main target of every business these days. There are many pros and cons of Instagram advertisement. You must know about the pros and cons of Instagram before investing your money in the Instagram business account.

Instagram Advertisement

So are you thinking about promoting your brand on the internet? You should definitely do so because the online presence of your business is very important and in present marketing trends, marketing is the key to success and brand value totally depends upon your online ads and marketing. Now you need to think of best platforms and most used social media to put your sites. Obviously, you will go for Facebook and Instagram and it is a good choice as both are most used Social Media.

Pros and Cons of Instagram Advertisement

We are going to discuss the most important pros and cons of Instagram advertisement. No doubt Instagram is a great platform but still, there is a negative side of the picture.

Pros and Cons of Instagram-Smartphone

But the real question is that which one will be better to places your ads? Is Facebook better for brand marketing or Instagram can attract more customers? The question is valid and tricky for a common user but we have all that you need to know and what expert marketers say about this situation.

Pros of Instagram Advertisement

For the last few years, Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms for social media marketers. Do you really need Instagram Business to account for your business? Let’s have a look:

Visual Clarity of your Products

Visual content is always more appealing and attractive as compared to text. When your end goal is to deliver the clear idea of your services and products, Instagram is always going to be your first pick.

Easy to Share Content

If your brand gets attention on Instagram, people are going to share your brand message on other platforms too. So, the pros and cons of the Instagram business account make it a great opportunity for social media marketers.

Low Competition

As compared to Facebook, it is easy to survive on Instagram as it is not the first priority of many marketers. In specific areas, people are still focusing on Facebook ads only.

Better Ad Format

Users and your clients want to access your brand with a single click whenever they see your ad. Instagram provides a clear ad format where users can easily access your brand site or store.

Pros and Cons of Instagram-Photo for Instagram

Cons of Instagram Ads

Here are some cons of Instagram advertisement that you need to know:

Targeted Audience may not be Active on Instagram

If your targeted audience is above 40 years then you may not find these ads very converting. Instagram has inspired the youth but still, our elders are not big fans of Instagram.

Less Space of Content

Instagram is great for pictures and video content but there is not enough space for text. So, make sure that your pictures and videos say all.


Instagram is mainly used for image sharing and pictures and videos are the main content of Instagram and people less focus on text content on Instagram. There are fewer users on Instagram as compared to Facebook but it gives tough time to Facebook and many users use both.