In today’s world of technology and internet, fake news is one of the biggest concern. People started to be aware of the widespread negative effect of fake news, especially after the 2016 United States Presidential Election. It is now proved that fake news played a major role in the results of the election. Spreading fake news has now become so easy that even a toddler with little tech experience can do it. But people who intentionally spread fake news are now using technologies that are having devastating effect on sensitive subjects. So if you want to fight fake news, you have to use the same weapon they are using. That is technology to improve fake news detection. Here is how that can be done.

Fake News

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence

In the recent years, artificial intelligence has made astronomical improvements. It was meant to be used for the betterment of humankind. But misuse of things that were meant for good intentions are nothing new. People are now using Artificial Intelligence to spread misleading and false news. They are doing it at an exponential rate. Because AI bots can copy and share a news thousands of times faster than humans can do. In order to stop this from happening, we have to use Artificial Intelligence itself. Humans cannot keep up with the pace of the robots. So, we are creating robots to kill robots. In that way, we can manage to reduce the impact of spreading false news.

  1. Using blockchain

The technology of blockchain is coming in very handy to prevent the spread of fake news. Blockchain can isolate the ecosystem of a website or certain media outlet so that the content flow remains transparent. Thus stopping false news to spread. Blockchain is used by systems like bitcoin. And we all know the impact bitcoin had on the tech world as well as the economy. So basically, blockchain will bring transparency to the monetization of content. That way it would be easier to find which news is fake and which is not. In preventing fake news, blockchain is a great solution.

  1. Using machine algorithms

Big platforms like google, youtube, and facebook are publicly stating that they are making progress to create algorithm that can identify false news and filter them out. Youtube has already implemented this and getting some good results. Youtube also uses machine learning to filter out and delete contents from their website. In the 2016 election, facebook played a huge roll in spreading the fake news, and that gave Donald trump a huge advantage in the popular vote. But in reality the image was quite the opposite. So, we can see how devastating fake news can be. A technology called Generative Adversarial Network or GAN was used to create a video of Barack Obama saying the things that he never did in the real life. So, in order to prevent these kind of outrageous spread, we have to use the technology against them.

  1. The human strength or weakness

It is not only the technology that is playing a vital role in spreading fake news. The human nature is to believe what he sees at the first glance. The first impression makes a huge dent. That is why the news spread is so successful. They are social engineering the whole process to gain the clicks and earn their dirty money. So, we have to create awareness among the mass public to use the very technology they are using to identify false news and not spread them further.

  1. Double-checking

When you are browsing a through news, you must double-check whether to believe the news or not. You are getting the news through the device you are holding. That is technology. All you have to do is make that technology work in reverse. If you think the news is too good to be true, then check other news outlets, portals to double-check. You can never be too sure. So, we have to make the people aware of the fact that they can prevent false news themselves with the technology they are using. Only after eliminating the human factor from the equation, we can proceed to other measures. So, if you are reading the news next time, double-check.

  1. The initiative of google

It can be said without a doubt that Google is the largest source of information in the world right now. It is a beast. So if we cannot tame the beast, it could turn into a monster that would be very hard to kill. Google understands the facts. They held press conferences about the issue. They said they are creating measures to identify falsehood of information. The Artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping them to do this job tremendously. But some fake news can be so deep that it can bypass any layer of security. Google calls them deep fakes. They are trying to counter this kind of problem by investing huge amount of money and resource into the prevention of fake news. Engineers are working day and night to filter out the fakes.

Fake News-Newspaper

  1. Facebook’s step forward

Just like google, facebook is also a huge technological giant with all the information in the world. The influence facebook has on people is astronomical. So, they are one of the main sources of fake news online. They are trying to shake this accusation by taking actions against fake news. They are also investing and researching towards fake news checking. The CEO has already given statement about the concern of facebook about fake news.

The world of online information is getting vast day by day. It is all downhill from here. So, we have to take every initiative to find out the measures about how to spot fake news. The new generation have to act smartly to prevent this outbreak of fake news through technology.