There are so many jobs in the world today, but like so many people say, the laborers for the jobs are few. However, there are some selected jobs that we can call the jobs of the century and this is because of the fact that the inventions in this present generation is what gave rise to those jobs and many people have key into the possibilities that range around those new kind of jobs. In recent times, when it comes to one to one of those jobs that can be regarded as high salary jobs, then one needs look no further than the tech line. The reason being that the tech job allows you to be your own boss when you are an expert at what it is that you do and this is why many people that are experts in the tech line always prefer to set out as freelancers. Why? Because their lives are not restricted by the everyday hustle and bustle and they make as much money as anyone would on a normal day.

This then brings us to the topic of, “What are the highest paying IT jobs that you can find around?” While this question might seem like a bit of herculean task, we have a checklist for you.

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Ten highest paying jobs in Tech

A recent survey in the year 2014 stated that by the year 2024, the line of employment that would fund the most efficient people in the world would be the technology field. The reason being the fact that most of the jobs that we have around the field now are lucrative and high paying jobs and the take home of people who work around the tech line is always twice as much as those who work in corporate environments.  Here are a checklist of the top ten highest paying jobs in the tech line

  • Computer Programmer: in this profession, for the entry level, you are certain to earn about $44000 on a yearly basis, as an intermediate professional, your take home for the year can be equals to about $79000 on a yearly basis while the top rated computer programmers earn up to about $130000 on a yearly basis. It is noted that computer programmers are those people who know a lot of codes and they utilize the codes that they know to help developers develop the software and the applications that we see around today. While the job is a lucrative one, it is said that as the years roll by, the demand of the job may decline and so when one wants to venture into this line of tech, one should consider other areas too, especially if tech is going to be your major source of income and not an auxiliary to your salary.
  • Web Developers: at the entry level, web developers make up to $34000 yearly, at the intermediate expert level, they make about $64000 and at the top rated level, they make about $116000 on a yearly basis. It is advisable that while you pursue the learning of the craft in this niche, you might also want to try your hands on getting a degree in the field. This would not only sell you out to potential clients, it has a way of rebranding you.
  • Computer Support Specialist: Beginner experts make up to $28000 on a yearly basis, while the intermediate experts make up to $51000 on a yearly basis, and the top rated experts make about $81000 on a yearly basis. The computer support specialist help to promote the boost of the functionality of the computer. They help to ensure that the computer works fine and they also help to trouble shoot it, should in case there is a problem. It is expected that by the year 2024, the demand for the job would be on the rise.
  • Computer and Information systems manager: these set of people help to determine the goals of the information technology and also engage in strategic management that would help the organization to achieve their goals
  • Computer Hardware Engineers: this are majorly people that we cannot do without when it comes to computers and laptops. The reason being that they are the ones that work with the interior aspect of the computers which is called the hardware region and it is estimated that they make up to an average of $111000 on a yearly basis, irrespective of whatever experience they have.
  • Computer and Information Research Scientists: these sets of experts help to research about the information technology world and how to make new developments that help to make the world of technology a better one.

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  • Software Systems developer: these are the set of experts that makes software for systems and they also go as far as making specific software for specific industries and this is in of the uniqueness of their jobs. They try as much as possible to build software that can fit into the area of usage.
  • Software applications developer: while there are software developers, there are also software application developers and this connotes that they make software as well as applications for the software that they make and this is what makes the people in this class a unique blend.
  • Computer Network Architect: these range of experts deal with connectivity. It could either be the wide area network, the local area network among others. What matters is the fact that they indulge in connectivity and internet connections of computers.
  • Information Security Analyst: there are computer experts that deals with the protection of the computer from malware and hackers and they are called the information security analyst. It is said that their services would be on the high side by the year 2024.


The best bet for every man is to ensure that they pick a life in the tech world. This is so that the next generation does not leave them out.