The Most Successful Approaches and Life Hacks to Launching Facebook Ad Campaign

When you start an ad campaign on Facebook or elsewhere your task is to be chosen by a potential client. And the task is being even more difficult, as you have to compete for client’s attention with hundreds of competitors that use the same platforms. In order to win the competition, it is vital for you to consider:

  • ads placing platform nuances
  • customer preferences
  • tools you can use

If you decide to launch Facebook ad campaign, the first thing you need to do is to read thoroughly the Facebook Advertising Policy or just read our article on how  , as this is what usually happens with novice platform users.

Below you can read about most successful tactics that will lead to increase in sales and conversion for your Facebook Ad Campaign.

Tips on how to lead Facebook ad campaign

Success of Facebook advertising campaign depends on:

  • reached audience
  • catchiness of content
  • efforts to define target audience

The tips below will disclose the best practices on improving these three factors.

Catchy ad title

Creating a catchy title is a must, it defines whether the ad will be read and clicked on or not. If you manage to write a catchy title the 70% of work is done, however, that is title.

These are requirements title should meet:

  • be clear and exact;
  • include strong verbs (e.g. use, share, try);
  • emphasize advantages of a product.

Create a valuable offer that cannot be ignored

Make sure you know the user’s needs and use that knowledge in ad text creation; offer free trial, link to a webinar, free book or subscription, your title should contain an offer of something valuable.

Good ad text on Facebook answers 3 questions:

  • Why the user should click on it?
  • What advantage will be received when buying a product or subscribing?
  • Why this product is better than another one?

Use these questions as a checklist when designing an ad.

Use social proof 

Responses and other social proofs will help to melt heart of audience:

  • use statistics when describing advantages;
  • reviews of authoritative clients;
  • logos and icons of clients.

Using social proof is a good way to make client believe you are good enough to deal with. If there are any positive statistics or satisfied famous clients, tell your audience about that.

Use colors

There are thousands of publications in user’s feed. You need to use any available element to be noticed. Use the following hints:

  • Use light-colored image on white background.
  • Use High-contrast images with rich colors.

Colors attract attention and cause positive emotions.

Do not forget about psychology, by means of color it is possible to influence mood and conversion as a result.

used colors

Use video instead of images

Video format is good because of the low cost of a click and higher power of persuasion. 10-second video may be more persuasive then 2 pages article.

used video

Track the display frequency

In a week after start of your campaign, you will note that CTR goes down, and expenses – up. It is normal, users are tired of advertising in a feed. The more often they see an ad, the less chances it has to be clicked on.

Do not make potential users get bored or irritated by showing them the same ads with the same offers too often. Set up the display of an ad for 4 days in a week, for example. Create several ads and display them on different days. You will be able to test which ad brought the best results and provide clients with various content as well.

However, make sure you adhere to the uniform style, so that users can recognize that the ads are displayed by one company.

Spur users into action

Emotions help to make decisions. Use:

  • photos of happy people;
  • emotionally positive words “joyful”, “surprising”, “awesome”, etc.;
  • exclamation points.

You can also use emojis to highlight the strongest point. The main thing you should do –evoke emotions, and you will be surprised by the conversion growth. If emotions you evoke are positive though.

Spur users into action

Make it simple

Of course, you want to tell more about your product. However, if you do not manage to make a clear and short text no one will read it, so it is better to shorten the text content to 5-6 sentences and one powerful message. Concentrate on 1-2 strong points of the product to be more specific.

Use brand book recommendations for ads

If you have your company’s brand book or you place ads for well-known company, you should use the corresponding style when designing ads – colors, shapes, fonts – that all counts.

If you want to launch successful campaign, add this article to bookmarks and use a checklist before publishing an ad. If you are already placing ads on Facebook read about the best   ad launching.