Affiliate marketing has recently been serving as an online way for many people to make some extra money. With the growing number of e-commerce websites and the number of people working in this field the sales decreased. To help you keep a track of your affiliate and strategise in order to achieve maximum profits there are tracking software. The software helps you track the efficiency of your affiliate marketing strategy.

  1. Post Affiliate Pro

Used by around 2,800 companies throughout the world Post Affiliate pro is one of the most used Affiliate tracking software. It has an interface that can be customized. It has got different themes for you to choose from which makes it user friendly software. It   supports multiple languages and thus is used all over the globe. It allows you to manage, track and push the services accurately via forced matrix and direct tracking of links

  1. Has Offers

Used by over 12,000 companies online this is a service even preferred by top companies. It helps user maintain and manage profits while marketing through affiliates. It has a user friendly interface and comes with Fraud protection. It also has tailor made special solutions for different set of users. The tracking metrics used by Has Offers is quite effective.

  1. Affise

It works out on many factors and aspects that affect your digital marketing campaign. It has a user friendly interface and work environment. It also provide free training and has 24/7 support for users. It also works on real time campaign tracking which enables you to customize a campaign while running it. The subscription plan starts from $300

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  1. Click Inc

Click Inc directly links to your page and takes care of the trouble of copying and pasting a link for the user. It is more of accounts oriented software and helps you understand the numbers through graphs and charts. It manages tracks and pushes the services which make your market grow. The subscription plan for this software starts at $25 and can be upgraded to $69 or $149 per month. You can start with a $25 and try and work with it while carefully observing your growth.

  1. AffTrack

AffTrack has been used by the big fishes of Affiliate marketing from 2009 and it still continues to be a part of their marketing strategy. It has got an interface which not only supports mobile but is mobile friendly as well. It boasts of providing 100% real time tracking data. It also happens to have the feature of Geo Targeting which allows you increase your market in a particular region. It has inbuilt tools for invoices and helps you make bills and invoices. It allows you to look at the data and analyse the working efficiency of your campaign accurately.

  1. OmniStar

OmniStar in four years from now will see the second decade in the field of Affiliate Marketing Tracking. Being able to survive for this long in a really competitive market and getting voted as the best Affiliate Marketing Software explains everything. It has got everything and apart from that allows users to improvise their SEO. It has many subscription plans starting at $48 and ranges up to $298.

  1. Cake

Cake works on an overall strategy to promote the affiliates, track them and ensures that the reports are 100% authentic. It has the ability to showcase the real time data. It works with both the techniques, post back URL and tracking pixel. It promises a user friendly environment with 24/7 support. The best part is you pay for what you want to use. It has got no fix plans but you can customize your plan according to your requirement.

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  1. Impact Radius

Impact Radius has recently completed a decade in the industry. Transparency has been its way of being and has made it trustworthy enough for different set of users. It allows a user to track reports while on boarding the affiliates in real time. It applies various methods for tracking the reports.

  1. iDevAffiliate

This is probably the only one that has been in the market since last century. 1999 was the year when it was launched and next year will successfully complete two decades in the market. It works on the statistics and analytics of the data that it collects. It has its own unique ways to help you out which it has developed and implemented over time. It tracks and manages the affiliate in a more advanced way and thus charges the most. The subscription plan starts from $149 and go up to $400.

  1. AffiliateWP

For the people using WordPress for Affiliate marketing this is going to be the best one. It can be used as plugin in your WordPress blog or website. It can help you track and manage reports effectively and accurately. It has many advanced features as well and provides a user friendly environment. The plans start at $49 and go up to $199.


  1. The network part of this marketing is very important. An “Affiliate Marketing” guides include networks because a network does the job of a negotiator between the seller and buyer.