Best paid mobile traffic sources for affiliate marketer

Mobile traffic becomes more and more important today as many users prefer to use tablets and smartphones to surf the web or communicate, so when it comes to the best traffic sources for commercials and ads you cannot ignore mobile traffic.

Moreover Google has already announced that websites that are not mobile optimized will be penalized and downgraded in the search rank, many industry leaders make their services mobile-friendly and the number of devices with the free access to the broadband Internet grows exponentially. What does that all mean? One thing – affiliate marketers should pay more attention to the mobile traffic now.

Therefore, if you are planning to pour more efficient traffic to your offers, you need to know more about mobile traffic sources; and in this article we are going to disclose more about paid mobile traffic.

Since its share grows exponentially, there have appeared many successful operators and traffic networks that can offer you an access to the audience all over the world – just make sure you know how to work with them.

Google AdMob

Google AdMob

It is not surprising that Google managed offer a solution for displaying paid ads developed for mobile devices. However, in this case the AdMob network was bought by Google and then integrated with the giant’s services like AdSense and AdWords. Thus, affiliate marketers get the solution covering hundreds of millions users all over the world and this is the first reason to consider this traffic source as an option.

Moreover, when you deal with AdMob by Google you also get full customization of the ad campaign and different kinds of display on the websites in the web that are being reached by the mobile device users.

At last, you should consider this platform as you can get high outreach for relatively low price. Powered by the Google infrastructure and huge number of partners, this network is one of the best options to choose for novice and dedicated affiliate marketers.



Airpush is a very client-oriented and breakthrough solution for placing paid ads for mobile device users. It allows you to use the push-notifications to inform users about your offers, and moreover, you get an access to outstanding targeting system implemented in the platform.

This company was highly rated by Warner Bros., Coca Cola and many other famous industry leaders, and is being used as the major source of the paid mobile traffic. Airpush allows you to place ads that do not irritate the user, which is completely new approach to advertising when it comes to mobile devices. It is enough to sa that due to the fact that mobile devices have rather small display, and ads and pop-up windows usually close the main content user has come to the website for, and thus it distracts and make users annoyed. Meanwhile push-notification are more user-friendly and can be easily removed unlike the other types of ads.



This company’s intention is to bring you the most accurate insights on your ad campaign statistics: the behavior of user, the way they react on ads etc. Moreover, when you deal with Medialets you get an access to many options for placing ads in the platform network:

  • video
  • pop-up
  • banners

This service offers wide choice of tools to analyze the incoming traffic and also is good in conducting targeting efforts to make your audience look more specific, and increase conversion by reaching only the audience that is going to get engaged with high probability.


There are not many proven to be efficient paid mobile traffic sources today, and it is grounded by the fact mobile traffic became notable only few years ago, when 3/4G technology and public Wi-Fi have spread out.

Of course, in future there will be more trusted networks with paid mobile traffic, however, now it is better to concentrate on the disclosed above ones especially if you are going to launch global campaigns.