List of the Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

How to reach a success? There are always chances to find the best way on your own; however, sometimes it is easier and better to replicate the path of another successful person. The same strategy works for the ad campaigns in affiliate marketing as well.

Before you launch a campaign, you need to bring much effort to conduct analysis, make a proper targeting and waste your budget on test campaigns. How much time will it take? Moreover, there is no guarantee you will find the most efficient and most competitive method to deal with that. So what to do to find the best one?

The right answer is to see what other players on the market are doing. If you intend to launch a Facebook ads campaign, why not to analyze the experience of other affiliate marketers or even look online what has been done by them? However, it is doubtful you will get this information shared publicly, so you need to use the ads spy tools for Facebook. And below you can see the list of the best Facebook ads spy tools



It is more a Facebook ads management system than the solution for spying, as it contains thousands of examples and templates of successful Facebook ads, and an advanced search and category system to find the one you need.

You get an access to statistics and other valuable features that are vital for affiliate marketer and you can also get an outstanding insights using successful solutions on your own.



The name of the service makes you understand what you get as a result of using. Specifically, you get full info on the most successful ads, statistics for each of them and many information you may need to use these ads properly.

In addition, you can also download those directly from the server and use in your future campaigns.


Along with the information about the best ads ever run, you can find here detailed statistics for each type of ad and competitors’ activity. This service is outstanding for running mobile ad campaigns at Facebook network and offer rich and valuable content for affiliate marketers, both novice and experienced ones.

More than 300’000 successful ads in the database, numerous images, text options and templates for the advanced ads management system, fresh information on the most efficient ad campaign launching strategies; all of these you can get if subscribe to the prescribed above service.

Unlike other services, AdFox offers much information on targeting issues so that you can use it in your new campaigns, based on the former activities of your competitors.

The database is being constantly updated, so you can monitor the best moves other marketers make almost online from your personal area; all you have to do is to conduct a proper analysis of what is being done and set the search filters to get information you are interested in.