Since the beginning of the internet, forums have played a huge part on the way we communicate, and they are a really valuable tool in the world of affiliate marketing.

What can we use forums to? Primarily to learn how to get into this field, get help from people are over the world; learn about affiliate conferences, among other things.

There’s a lot of offer to choose from, so which one should you join?

We’re going to talk about the top affiliate marketing forums and blogs so you can decide which one is the best for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Why joining a forum?

It’s really important to learn how to use and understand available tools to get the best advantage out of them.

Forums are amazing to get information from people that are willing to share their experiences so you can get the best results of your activity.

It’s important to understand that you don’t need to do anything alone! There’s a lot of help out there, so you better put it to a good use.

On top of all that, you can get motivation and support from fellow affiliates that have experience in the field.

What are affiliate marketing blogs?

A blog is a webpage that contains a lot of information from one or various authors about a particular topic.

In affiliate marketing blogs you can find the experience, reviews and tips from people with experience on the field.

The structure of a forum

Not all forums are constructed the same way, but they usually share a similar structure.

You will probably find a directory with categories listed, this will help you find information easily, especially if you’re new on this field and feel all over the place.

All forums have administrators and moderators.

Administrators take care of the technical part of a community, such as a football manager.

They create rules, assign roles to other members of the forum, manage the databases, etc.

Moderators work to maintain the peace on the forum, you can think of them as digital police officers.

The idea of having a moderator is to keep the forum or blog free of violence, rude comments, bad or repetitive content, spam and scams.

The top affiliate marketing portals

StackThatMoney (STM)

STM started eight years ago, in January 2011.

It’s not only a forum by now, but they hold their own conferences and have special training programs.

It’s, all in all, the most complete forum at the moment.

In STM you can find tips from people who started using it a couple years ago and now have succeeded in affiliate marketing.

It’s really on date with information about digital world, so you will not lose anything!

STM have been around for several years, resulting in a big database constructed through the time.

But it can get difficult to get the concrete information you’re looking for if you’re vague, so we suggest you get to the point so you can get the most of your time and research.


Offervault is not made to promote products or services and earn money, but to find products and services to promote on your website or blog.

You can use this page to find CPA offers that you’re interested in with the search bar tool.

If you find an offer that you like, then you proceed to create an account so you can get the affiliate link.

You can create an account and post your own offers. Plus, posting your offers is free!

The site interface is really interactive and the searching system is easy to use.

Offervault it’s good for starters, since you get a large help section to clear your doubts, and it will save you a lot of time if you’re searching for affiliate networks to join.


Such as STM, CPAelites has been around for a while now.

The site is currently under an upgrade, but you can access it normally.

You don’t know where to start? There’s a lot of information? I suggest you go to CPAelites.

The webpage is divided in multiple sections so you can find what you’re looking for, including a guide to get started on CPA marketing, tutorials, open discussions with other members, etc.

Discussion threads are only available to registered members, so keep that in mind and create an account.

You can become a VIP member to get access to exclusive discussion threads.


Affpaying is a directory, it helds information about different affiliate networks.

People are able to leave reviews on affpaying, so it’s a great tool if you can’t decide what the best affiliate network is for you.

You can search through different categories such as alphabetical order, newest networks and highest rated, among others.

When you find a network that looks interesting, simply click on its profile to check the individual reviews from different users and general information.

Affiliate Marketing Blog

You’ll see the rankings divided in four categories: offers, payout, tracking and support; plus an overall rating for the network.

Affpaying also provides you with contact information with the affiliate networks, making the search for the perfect network really easy for you.


If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing, you need to take advantage of all the resources you have to make sure you’ll stay away from scams and not trustworthy pages and people.

Internet is a big source of information, and the experience other people are willed to share is precious for us to make the best out of our efforts. 

Affiliate marketing is a world full of opportunities, so I encourage you to get some information and be a part of it.