Beware of Competition: Top 5 Best Ad Spy Tools

One thing you always need to do before running an ad campaign is conducting a research to define the best traffic sources and strategies for placing ads, targeting and other issues. However, it always takes lots of time and funds to provide various tests and researches.

Would not it be better to get an information on the most efficient strategies to run campaign online? It surely would, and you can get that using ad spy tools that are presented on the market.

Ad spy tools are solutions that allow you to monitor all necessary information on successful campaigns; thus, you can do the same without wasting a fortune on running tests and research. Just find the best campaigns and the best tool that provides the best service for that. And you can get information about the best tools below.



This service covers more than 90 ad networks in 15 countries all over the world. Here you can find the most interesting and valuable data on your competitors’ activity fully legal and for low fee.

You can track both mobile and desktop traffic here.


AdbeatHere you can get traffic and campaigns categorized by the devices; for example, those that are running for android and Apple devices separately. You get all necessary information on your competitors’ activity in your personal area; and you can also get information about how successful the campaign is in figures. Therefore, you can assess the alternatives and make smart moves based on your competitors’ best moves.
The system of Advertising Intelligence allows you to analyze activity in the most popular advertising channels, and thus, you can derive the best traffic sources.

The most popular ad networks are covered, including the Google-driven and Bing based.



If you want to get more targeted information on competitors’ ad campaigns activity, this tool is a must. It can either categorize traffic sources by devices, Wi-Fi or carrier connection, type of the ad used (banner, pop-up etc.) and so forth.

Along with that, you get detailed information on activities in the countries with low competition when it comes to mobile traffic driven campaigns. You can also rely on the speed of the analysis offered by this tool.

In addition, you are able to customize a filter with numerous set-ups that are highly valuable, when it comes to defining the main triggers that affect campaign efficiency.

Anstrex: Native Ad Spy Tool

Anstrex Native Ad Spy Tool

If you seek for the simple interface and user-friendly service that allows managing intelligence on thousands of campaigns running simultaneously around the world, Anstrex is a good choice for you.

Run filters allow you to categorize traffic by specific parameters like visits, days running and other valuable metrics. One can analyze global native campaigns in several minutes using the advanced intelligence tools offered by the service.

There is also an opportunity to define the devices used by the visitors commonly, which allows you to launch accurate targeting especially when it comes to app promotion campaigns.



For an accurate and very detailed monitoring of your competitors’ ad campaigns, consider using SEMrush. This cloud-based solution allows you to run monitoring campaigns on all of the most popular ad networks worldwide. You can see the activity in the Facebook ad cabinet, AdWords personal area or even at Bing users’ accounts.

One can also run search rich with filters and monitor keywords promoting based activities. In addition, you are able to claim for the free version that has a base functional, or a paid version of the solution with subscription that allows you to get more detailed information on what is done by your competitors.