The anti-fraud system has made enormous treads in the fields of technology from high-speed computing, machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence. Fraud prevention tools touch almost every aspect of our lives related to technology. Fraud can surround waste and abuse, money laundering, public security, and even cybersecurity.

In the past, organizations had to take slow and steady approaches for fraud prevention, using business tools and introductory analytics and they were not able to take immediate action when something had happened. Internet fraud began in 1994 with the start of e-commerce, and the first fraud activities began with the stolen credit card information. By 1998, e-commerce sites filled the whole internet and fraudsters began to set up dummy merchant sites that could gather credit card information through their own sites. Soon, people began taking help of auction sites like e-bay where they would steal information provided online, from selling bogus good to misleading the customers, the fraudsters took all the advantage that they could from them.

Anti-fraud Tools-Fraud

Listed below are the top 5 best anti-fraud tools that are present to help you out with fraud prevention.


The spy cloud is one of the most reliable anti-fraud tools that can run uninterruptedly according to the schedule of the user and provide a suitable business environment. This tool can help you to detect suspicious activity and immediately inform you to change your password to prevent data loss. Spycloud can also be used as a fraud prevention service within apps as well, which allows you to check the authenticity every time the user logins to his/her account and informs via an email link. Spy cloud offers its user portal where they can enter email and other addresses for immediate data extraction for the breach of historical reports. The Spy Cloud track and matches stolen and existing data information and give you instant results. It can easily be installed to any device whether that be your cell phone, tablet or a laptop.

The AVG CloudCare

This software is used for security purpose that runs on the cloud system, and they offer security services to maintain a client’s security. They offer full security services that provide antivirus protection for personal computers, and along with that they can easily detect hidden threats and remove them immediately. The tool first scans certain files and apps before the user can install them. It helps the user to detect fraudulent URL’s before they can be opened to help prevent potential threats and attacks. It’s content filtering options helps businesses to keep its record, blocked fraudulent websites and select websites to help them improve. AVG Cloud Care offered remote management tool which helps the user to manage the company’s security remotely. One of the most amazing features provided by this tool is the cloud backup that prevents data loss. The software provides subscription for two-year to its users, and in order to have access on its extra features and services, you have to pay every month.


A specially designed tool made especially for business purposes provide completely protection for Windows’s and mac devices. Since this tool is also cloud-based, it can be easily managed from everywhere and with any kind of device. The fraud prevention tool give protection from malware, application control and anti-phishing. To have access to this tool, an annual user subscription is required but in order to have full access and extra options like firewall, https scanner, anti-spam, and etc. The individual has to pay extra. This fraud detection software repeadetly track for viruses and fraudulent behavior and then immediately cleans and clears them.

Anti-fraud Tools-Spy

ESET Endpoint security

The primary and foremost objective of this fraud prevention tool is helpful for removing viruses and provide end-user security. Users can easily manage their security systems manually from any kind of device. Some other features provided by this anti-fraud software is file security, anti-malware, firewall, web-control, and etc. It is considered to be one of the most suitable software’s for businesses of any size as they also provide encrypted data, prevention from data loss and even recovery of loss of data from different devices including mobile devices, smartphones and tablets as well. Its web filtering services help organizations to give access to employees to only those websites that they want them to visit and help the companies to meet up with the client’s requirements. Additionally, the email filtering service helps customer from phishing, spam, and other such malware attacks. Also, the ESET security provide protection from DVD’s, CD’s USB’s and other portable devices by removing the threats of different viruses.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Endpoint protection

This software’s protection is considered to be one of the outstanding prevention from fraud software to protect the system of businesses against malicious and viruses. It provides solid protection against latest and modern threats like Trojans, phishing scams, spyware, rootkits and some other threats that might accommodate in stealing the customer or end-user data. This software have built-in privacy shield so data infringement may not occur and protect users against potential violation. This cloud-based software comes with a firewall installation that prevents malware and confirm about all endpoints that they are upgraded or not. It is easily manageable, and it keeps the user up to date. It is the most helpful and most affordable fraud prevention devices available.


As technology is becoming advanced, many fraud prevention methods have been introduced, and one of the commonly known anti-fraud services is data analysis, which has been used for years as it is one of the most time-consuming methods and many more as mentioned above in the article to help you from fraud.