For any affiliate marketer, push notification is their best partner in marketing their products out to the market. With the increased usage of phone in everyone’s life, push advertising helps you stay in contact with your users. However, it has a delicate balance. If you send too many messages, your traffic source can end up muting your push application.

How does push notification work?

Everyone is familiar with push notification. It used to only be used in mobile devices; however, it has become popular in computing devices as well. This is how they work:

  1. When the users land on a site with push notification functionality (landing page), they were prompted with a message that allows them to decide whether they would like to receive notification from the site.
  2. If they opted yes, they have given their consent to the site to send them various information. It can be news notification or any promotions.
  3. The messages are “pushed” by the site to every user who opted and is typically are comprised of an image, link, or any customization that the affiliate marketing decided.

Push Traffic Sources

Push notification is getting more popular with affiliate marketers because of their functionality. Push notifications tend to show longer-term benefits.

Push notifications allow companies to segregate audience who has given them permission to send a notification that features the traffic to their site and most importantly audiences that are interested in the product or information that they offered on the first place.

This reduces the cost of the marketing team to have to keep on searching for targeted audiences for them to share their new line of products or services.

As such there are a lot of companies who benefitted from the common usage of push notification. These companies mainly are called push notification traffic source.

These are top push notification traffic sources:

Propeller ads

It is a constant popular choice for push traffic among affiliates, due to their experience and expansive features.

They use a design which allows you to produce push notifications based on certain target URL.

Firstly, you have to sign up and deposit $200. The next step that you have to do is to create your campaign by clicking the Create Campaign button. Click on Push Notification option.

You can upload an image ad of 720×480 to make your ads much more interactive.

The advantage of using propeller ads is that it allows you to use a CPM or CPC pricing model. With CPC model pricing, you will only have to pay when your ads are clicked.

When you are sure that you are getting higher click through, then you can switch to CPM (Cost per thousand) model pricing.

Mega Push

Mega push focuses on push notification traffic exclusively. It has millions of active users who are interested in managing various projects.

Mega push can get your messages faster. It needs $100 minimum traffic to get started, and it supports international traffic of audience. It offers low CPC so it is great for those who are starting to use push notification.

They provide excellent customer support through online chat system. They also have a preview button that you can click at the bottom of the page that allows you to preview the look of how your push notification going to look like.

RTX Platform Push Traffic

RTX Platform is commonly used for business entities who often promote different channels that operate different activities. Each campaign is set up with the structure of; campaign, ad group or creative.

They allow you to customize your push notification based on the URL of the audience when the message is going to appear and certain parameters that dictate your target audience.

The layout is quite similar to Propeller ads, so it makes it easier if you want to transport one information to another.


Evadav allows you to monetize and advertise your ads equally.  The amount of recharge used is $100 minimum. The platform allows you to link multiple publishers and work with different promotional effort. It helps you highlight your work and making your content much more visible and useful.

They are highly flexible in terms of payment by supporting various online modes of payments and bank payment.

The platform allows you to target any audience from the specific targeted geographic location.


AdMaven makes it easier for you to facilitate your affiliate marketing network. It concentrates on promoting work based on how you would like to monetize your traffic. Just like Evadav, it allows you to monetize your advertisement.

AdMazen supports various ad formats, such as full-screen ads, banner, etc. Ad maven allows you to maximize your return of investment by supporting various payment method; not only CPM, or CPC, but CPA as well.

They have had more than 10 years of experience in the industry, with over 2 billion of traffic and over 90% of their traffic is made available directly through their publishers. Their customer support is also great to work with, making it easy and much more comfortable for any clients who would like to advertise directly.

Push Traffic Sources-Notification

Take away:

There is various traffic sources company who will work well with your business model. The most important aspect is also maximizing your push notification effectiveness by using eye-catching titles, as well as effective words to describe your products. Add value to your notifications, and voila! You have the most effective tools that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your ads, as well as the response of your target audiences.