What is Affiliate Marketing?

This is fast becoming a popular tactic to acquire sales and get more revenue online. It is very beneficial to both the brands and the affiliate marketers as both of them will be making profit from the business.

The statistics of customers that affiliate marketing has generated in the last couple of years continues to increase rapidly. It is a good business to invest in because it tends to yield profit after putting in the effort the work requires.

It is a process by which affiliates can earn wages or commission by marketing someone else’s brand. The affiliate searches for the brand’s product promote it and earn profit from each sale their promotion makes. The sales rate is tracked through affiliate links from one website to another.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work

Affiliate marketing on the surface can look like cheap thrills to those who are not directly involved in the business. Some people even think it’s a channel that you can on and off at will, the same way you do with paid search or social.

Affiliate marketing has a structure that needs to be understood before you can know the business properly.

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  1. The first step is to promote a brand’s product or service on their own site.
  2. A consumer’s click on the promotion on the affiliate’s site will result in a cookie being stored on the consumer’s browser. This cookie will enable the affiliate network to track the consumer’s progress on the affiliate’s website to the brand’s shopping cart.
  3. The consumer will then be directed to the brand’s website.
  4. Consumer will then buy from the brand.
  5. The network or SaaS platform will then pay the affiliate a commission in accordance with the brand’s rules.

Affiliate Marketing Forums List

These are areas where conversations can be made about affiliate marketing business. They are places where you can get detailed knowledge about affiliate marketing through thorough discussions.

There are several of such forums so in a bid to avoid confusion; I will give you a list of some very good forums that can help you with affiliate marketing.

  1. SitePoint

This is one of the most favorite affiliate marketing forums which cover web marketing, affiliate marketing, as well as programming and designs.

  1. Affilorama

This forum offers free training portals. They provide beginners with written and video lessons, tools and guidelines to make them successful in the business.

  1. WickedFire

This forum sounds as crazy as its name. They use alternative methods in affiliation to help you earn money online. They deal with SEO threads, development, design and several other strategies. It is a bit complicated so as a beginner, you need to understand its concept properly before you delve into it.

  1. WebProWorld

This covers a very wide range of affiliate marketing. It gives you a lot of options ranging from site design, IT, e-commerce, and many more to learn.

  1. 5 Star Affiliate Marketing Forum

This forum shares knowledge on all sorts of affiliate marketing strategies and also creates an avenue for affiliates to share rich resources and supports in the forum.

  1. ABestWeb

This is one of the top active members’ forums. This is a good place to get best results via active participation.

  1. WarriorForum

This forum centers on making money online and getting a marketplace. Affiliates in this forum are very serious minded and experts which makes it a top notch one.

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

  1. John Chow

In two years, this blog has made up to $40,000 monthly. The blog has very interesting details that will help you with affiliate marketing.

  1. Luke Kling(Luke Peer Fly)

This brand has been an affiliate marketer since 2004. The blog is dedicated to giving useful tips to reach your affiliate marketing goals.

  1. Missy Ward

She is co-founder and CEO of Affiliate Summit. Her blog has a lot of useful write-ups on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

  1. Mobidea Academy

To stay in the loop about trends in affiliate marketing, follow this blog.

  1. Spencer Haws (Niche Pursuits)

Spencer’s blog offers case studies for affiliate marketers and everyone who wants to make money from a website.

  1. Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income Blog)

Pat Flynn shares tools and techniques for making passive income using affiliate marketing. It also provides strategies for online marketing.

7. AdsMain Blog

AdsMain.com is a performance-based Affiliate Network that empowers its affiliates with the internet’s top performing offers while offering real-time tracking and outstanding support.

How to be Successful in Affiliate Marketing

There is no such thing as sudden money. If sudden money is what you want, don’t bother doing affiliate marketing because you need to put in the work to make profit in the business.

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Below are some guidelines to attaining success in affiliate marketing?

  1. Choose only a few good products

Do not register in every affiliate marketing program you see because too much will only end up confusing you. All you really need is a few good products. Try to understand the market carefully before picking those products to promote. Always pick only products that correlate with the topic of your site.

  1. Use Several Traffic Generating Sources

If you want to promote products to a vast population, you need to use various social media platforms to generate traffic.

Google Adwords can help you generate targeted traffic. All you need to do is to make an ad in your adwords account then use your affiliate link to share it.

  1. Follow Current Trends

Try to stay on top of your game by knowing what is trending and using it in your business. This will allow you stay relevant among competitors.

  1. Use Helpful Tools

Use efficient tools that will help boost your affiliate marketing business. Tools like Affiliate Link Manager are very helpful. Use tools to set up your website correctly so that visitors can just click on your links and buy products from the brand.

  1. Do a Market Survey for Products

Before deciding on the type of product you want to sell, do a market survey of the product and find out the rate at which people desire to have the product. If the demand for it is relatively high, you can use the product on your site. If not, do not bother marketing it to avoid loss.

Affiliate marketing is an interesting line of business that broadens your knowledge about online website businesses. Join the few millionaires who have keyed into the secret of this 21st century business and are using it to make huge profits.