Affiliate marketing is a constantly morphing realm and understanding it is critical to ensure that you can make the most out of this multibillion-dollar sector. Forrester Consulting has predicted that it will grow at a rate of 10% per annum by 2020. With the sector growing at the rate it is now, it is crucial that companies know future trends so that they can plan out their marketing strategies. Following out of date trends will lead to your product not getting sufficient marketing. To help you out, here are the top affiliate marketing trends that we expect to dominate in 2019.

Mobiles are still growing

   Mobiles make up the majority of all online views. Between 2015 and 2018 mobiles have grown from 52.7% of all online views to 61.2%. Mobiles outshine desktops by a huge margin. While the trend has slowed down, it is crucial that you move to mobile-friendly pages.

It is especially critical to have mobile-friendly pages when you cover Asian markets as internet users in the region tend to have mobiles as their only way of getting online. There are various tools online that help make your site more optimized for different mobile operating systems, look into them.  Many of the trends that follow are due to the outburst of mobiles as internet browsers.

Affiliate Marketing Trends 2019-Smartphone

Aftermath of GDPR

       General Data Protection Regulation was implemented in 2018 and following it many customers have become more cautious about the sites they visit. GDPR did cause many an issue for affiliate marketing, it did not deliver a death blow.

If you have a website, you must ensure that your page does not set off their privacy fears. Your site must have SSL to ensure that a visitor’s browser does not throw warnings. While cookie notices are a nuisance at times, it can give your visitor a sense of trust. Insecure visitors are less likely to click on your ads and pages.

AI in Affiliate marketing

Artificial intelligence is something that’s been the forefront of computer science for quite a few years. It has the ability to improve every aspect of our lives, including affiliate marketing. Artificial intelligence can track and analyze the performance of various affiliate marketing strategies like landers, offers, and paths and then redistributes your traffic to get the best possible reach for your product. This provides a response much quicker than personnel could deliver. You could also use both AI and humans in combination to provide a much better optimization.

A while back IBM Watson along with WebGains released the world’s first affiliate marketing chatbot. Powerful machine learning capabilities allow this chatbot to guide publishers on optimizing their campaign and providing them with the information they need. The penetration of AI in affiliate marketing is expected to increase in the following years, making the programs more effective and efficient.

Push Traffic

The increased presence of mobile phones has led to an increase in push traffic. Push ads are those tiny messages like an advertisement you get when you visit an app or website. While these are more common on mobile devices, these can be delivered to laptops too. Push ads are interactive and engaging thus getting more clicks. Push traffic has been growing since 2018 and is expected to still grow during 2019 too.


Influencer Marketing

With more and more people having a strong social media presence, companies are typing up with youtube and Instagram celebrities to market their products. Through collaborations, promotions or simply wearing their products, these online celebrities can help promote your company. Instagram has had a threefold growth in influencers market over the past two years and has reached $1.7 billion of market size. Grabbing hold of this market niche would mean you could grab hold of a larger audience at a lower cost.

Affiliate Marketing Trends 2019- Digital Screen

Capturing temporary demands

            While technology, fashion, and travel have always been the magnanimous three that lead online shopping, frequently there will be an increase in the demand for certain unconventional online products like pharmaceuticals and groceries. As people’s living standards and lifestyle changes over time, their online shopping trends change. Companies are able to `deliver everyday products in a few hours due to optimized supply chains. If affiliate marketers are able to tap into this hidden potential, they will be able to get good commissions during times of demand,

Good content never fails to impress

Quality content is crucial to the success of affiliate marketing. Content is slowly moving from texts to visual audio treats. Images and videos will be the epitome of how products and services are marketed. People spend around 84 minutes on online video streaming every day. The written word will not go obsolete though, it is crucial for the sales of editorials, guides, and educational pieces. Your content must be appealing to your target customers.

Voice search is growing

With improvements in speech recognition, the proliferation of smart speakers into households and voice assistants on devices being more readily accepted, voice search is growing at a rapid pace. Reports suggest that nearly all searches will be by voice search by the year 2020.

Thus it is crucial that you optimize yourself for voice searches. You will need to focus more on natural language so and keywords that tend to be used as voice commands, this is a completely different protocol compared to traditional practices for SEO.

The affiliate market is expected to do nothing but grow for the next few years. With more and more people moving to the internet, the reach affiliate marketing has cannot be understated. In order to make most of the market, it is crucial to know where the market is going to. Analyzing the trends of affiliate marketing and planning your campaign based on it will ensure you get the reach you need.